[HatSubs] One Piece 987-990 (BD 1080p 10-bit Vorbis)

2022-01-20 23:07 UTC
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![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/PkxbfQ6.png) Wano volume 24 is here! And since this batch contains 988, I suppose we shall have to repeat the explanation of the whole "Red Hound" thing: Yes, we are translating the Admirals’ titles. Quite frankly, even though “Akainu” is heavily ingrained in the fandom at this point, I stand by it really not making sense. It’s not like we refer to Teach and Newgate as “Kurohige” and “Shirohige” respectively, and much like with them, leaving the Admirals’ titles untranslated just completely obscures the theming; Blue Pheasant, Yellow Monkey, Red Hound, Purple Tiger and Green Bull. Not to mention it gives the mistaken impression that those ARE their names, when their names are in fact Kuzan, Borsalino, Sakazuki, Issho and... we don't know Green Bull's name... respectively. I know EVERYONE has been leaving these titles untranslated since forever but… I do not consider “This bad decision is how things have always been done!” to be a good justification to keep going with a bad decision. They're not names, they have a theme that gets obscured by leaving it in Japanese, and they translate VERY easily. Translation: Official Editing: Notkama Translation Check: Giraffebirbyuimumei Timing: Giraffebirbyuimumei Additional translation assistance: bluesun Encoding: Puto Typesetting: Giraffebirbyuimumei

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  • [HatSubs] One Piece 987-990 (BD 1080p 10-bit Vorbis)
    • [HatSubs] One Piece 987 (BD 1080p 10-bit Vorbis) [708D6149].mkv (841.2 MiB)
    • [HatSubs] One Piece 988 (BD 1080p 10-bit Vorbis) [8B890441].mkv (1.1 GiB)
    • [HatSubs] One Piece 989 (BD 1080p 10-bit Vorbis) [F1370328].mkv (1.0 GiB)
    • [HatSubs] One Piece 990 (BD 1080p 10-bit Vorbis) [A0AA5D2D].mkv (825.3 MiB)
Holy shit nice, thank you so much!
Translating names? Lmao you guys are so fucking retarded.
Mononoke haaaaaaaaaaaaaat ![best Ghibli (so far, still got post-Sen to Chihiro movies to go)](https://images6.fanpop.com/image/photos/33400000/mononoke-princess-mononoke-33435628-3600-2656.jpg)
based explanation
You should really check the deband settings, it's deleting way more details than it should. And maybe revise the encoding settings while at it, as this looks often worse than the web version.
Why are you using the official translation instead of translating it yourself? Isn't that the point of fansubbing?
The point of fansubbing is to make a superior alternative to the official release. Translating from scratch doesn't make the end product better, it just takes longer.
I'm pretty sure its only used as a base for the translations most fansubs do this to my knowledge.