[SisterFisters] Alice Gear Aegis OVA - Doki! Actress Darake no Mermaid Grand Prix (WEBRip 720p h265 AAC)

2022-01-20 01:46 UTC
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Encodes of the OVAs muxed with Team Aegis D's subs. All 3 OVAs encoded from the 4chan rips. I have a passing familiarity with VapourSynth so I've tried my best to make these a bit more palatable to watch. This is probably as good as it gets unless this gets a proper digital release. I realized it's stupid to re-encode the audio to Opus so these files have the original AAC tracks from the rips muxed in, unlike the raws I uploaded earlier. Leave suggestions in the comments as this is the first time I've released an encode to the public.

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What is the difference between these versions ?? Which one is the best ??

hxrmn (uploader)

@maroon1 There were three versions of the OVA distributed via a QR code that came with a purchase of a figure. Each figure has a unique version of the OVA.
@maroon1 only the last 1 minute scene before the ending is different.
@maroon1 as been said but with more details, At 15:11 the last scenes are different and focused on the chara people got from the figure's code, The credit scenes and singers are different too per that said chara and so the last image you at the end of the credit before it move to that Alice Gear Aegis trailer.