[Venny] Dr. Slump and Arale-chan - Episode 001 (Harmony Gold Dub Reconstruction)

2022-01-11 07:53 UTC
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This was something I worked on a while back and never got around to uploading. ___ #### __Video Remaster Process:__ Taking the N'cha Japanese DVD and doing basic filtering to help clean up the video IVTC Framerate decimation Chroma noise/chromatic aberration reduction Cropping out dead pixels on the left and right of the picture Dithering to help fill in blocky parts of the image and parts where chroma noise and aberration was removed #### __Raw vs Filtered Comparison:__ https://slow.pics/c/W7tPbidq The original Dr.Slump title card was recreated using the original Kabel Black font. Graphic design isn't my passion however so it's not 1:1 but it should be accurate enough. https://slow.pics/c/S0vhqsCg ___ #### __Audio Remaster Process:__ This was probably the trickiest part of the whole thing as the audio for this dub is near-unwatchable. It comes from multiple generations of copying so I did the best I could with the source I used professional audio restoration software called "Izotope RX8" to EQ and clean the VHS audio I had. (*In case someone doesn't like it I left the raw VHS audio as a secondary track.*) ___ I hope you all enjoy it! My seedbox runs out in 4 days so please seed as much as you can! I can also re-upload this to Archive.org for people to enjoy without having to use Nyaa

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