[💉] Shuumatsu no Harem - S01E01 [WEBrip 1080p HEVC AAC] | World's End Harem

2022-01-11 02:13 UTC
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#### **Shuumatsu no Harem | World's End Harem** [Mediainfo](https://bin.piracy.moe/?62c2d0099f18fb52#GA7WNx7Av8u7T26Hodbz4Cg3XMGvzXAKSf4sSug4wRii) | [Anilist](https://anilist.co/anime/118465/Shuumatsu-no-Harem) *** |Role | Staff | | ------------- |:-------------| | Translation | Crunchyroll | Encode, Timing, Typesetting, Editing, QC | SeaSmoke | Song Translation | Help needed *** #### **Notes** Decensored encode using Crunchyroll, Baha, and AT-X. I wrote the encode script at 4am, so it's not final and will be revised at least once. I'll add OP/ED whenever I find a decent translation to use. No progress on Megami-ryou BD batch yet, although that might change in a few weeks. The web version is still a viable option for now since it's a pretty flat show anyway. Report any issues/leave feedback in the comments or in the discord server. ***

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  • [💉] Shuumatsu no Harem - S01E01 [WEB 1080p HEVC AAC].mkv (941.5 MiB)
smoke is a coomer
@SeaSmoke do u plan to encode the whole series as it airs?
@crowquill u gonna do a batch for sonny boy using kawaiika's release?

SeaSmoke (uploader)

> do u plan to encode the whole series as it airs? yeah
@SeaSmoke Ohh.....thanks will wait for ur release to watch then
@omnipotent500 did you try reading the description?
Thanks for allowing to coomsoom.
Hanime kab release krega?
Is there any difference between this and EMBER's relase?
@muxed this is encoded by a encoder who works for judas so I would think its about the same in terms of quality
So the only difference is uncensored breasts. Doesn't change anything for me... unless there are additional scenes, otherwise i don't see the point of this... Since I mostly just watch stuff for story. Still waiting for 2nd episode so i can finalise if i will continue watching or I drop this series.
Nigga did I just read you "watch stuff for story" on a goddamn World's End Harem torrent? You for real?
Is this worth fapping for?