[DSM] Komi Can't Communicate | Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu [WEBRip 1080p 10-bit HEVC EAC3] - S1E01

2022-01-06 05:30 UTC
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A filtered HEVC release of Komi Can't Communicate that includes NovaWorks subtitles. **Why?** Because I wanted an HEVC release with Novaworks subtitles so I can watch it on more devices. This release is **not** intended to be the best quality, but instead "decent" quality that is more compatible with other devices, since H264 High 10 is not well supported. --- | Sources | Name | Link | | :- | :-: | :-: | | Video + Audio | SubsPlease (Netflix WEB-DL) | https://nyaa.si/view/1446578 | | Subtitles | NovaWorks| https://nyaa.si/view/1443672 | [MediaInfo](https://pastebin.com/MNZJJa5u) [Filtering Script](https://pastebin.com/fxsfUgY8) [slowpics](https://slow.pics/c/VSI2YoYa) Let me know if there are any issues here in the comments. --- Note: I only realized after I uploaded the slowpics comparison that many dark scenes have a lot of details that are destroyed/blurred. In the future I will look into masking, though, that was a result of DFTTest for removing blocking artifacts. If I ever have a higher quality source this shouldn't really be an issue.

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  • [DSM] Komi Can't Communicate - S1E01 [WEBRip 1080p HEVC EAC3].mkv (882.5 MiB)
>i wanted an hevc release based
>I wanted an HEVC release with Novaworks subtitles so I can watch it on more devices. what
How come your encode video size bloated more than the entire source file size XD.
probably because it's a crf 14 encode, which is insane for a shitty web source. and somehow it actually has significantly less detail. great encode m8.

DarkSwordsman (uploader)

I can just remove it I guess, if y'all hate it that much. I was clear that this wasn't supposed to be a great looking encode. ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯
![HEVC](https://z.zz.fo/H1CeX.webp) HEVC!!!! Thank you for the release!
@DarkSwordsman i would suggest keeping encodes made for personal use private and not to upload them here unless you want the turbo-autistic people on this site to criticize it
H264 10bit is a nightmare with low end ARM devices. So HEVC 10bit has better compatibility.
i'd be impressed if those devices could play the subs without lagging

DarkSwordsman (uploader)

There was one short moment towards the beginning where my Chromecast w/ GTV and MPV couldn't smoothly play the subs, but it was only that short moment. I will work on masking, and possibly even a hardsubbed version or something.