[CUNNY] Trinity Seven Movie - Tenkuu Toshokan to Shinku no Maou / Heavens Library & Crimson Lord (BD 1080p FLAC)

2022-01-03 23:53 UTC
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6.2 GiB
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used [UCCUSS ](https://nyaa.si/view/1367615) as video. [WBDP](https://nyaa.si/view/1363672) used too much denoise / sharpening. comparisons [here.](https://slow.pics/c/Mq6iexwa) Subs are from [Tenrai-sensei](https://nyaa.si/view/1431966) (Restyled to match DDY's releases for the series and the movie, and Romanji lines for the ED.) And as usual. OST from [Moozzi2.](https://nyaa.si/view/1151260) cope harder This should be a temporarily good release until DDY releases the 2nd movie if they ever do it.

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  • Tenkuu Toshokan to Shinku no Maou
    • OST
      • Track 01.wav (11.8 MiB)
      • Track 02.wav (11.9 MiB)
      • Track 03.wav (27.3 MiB)
      • Track 04.wav (15.7 MiB)
      • Track 05.wav (17.4 MiB)
      • Track 06.wav (33.5 MiB)
      • Track 07.wav (6.7 MiB)
      • Track 08.wav (12.8 MiB)
      • Track 09.wav (9.2 MiB)
      • Track 10.wav (21.9 MiB)
      • Track 11.wav (22.4 MiB)
      • Track 12.wav (25.4 MiB)
      • Track 13.wav (20.4 MiB)
      • Track 14.wav (9.2 MiB)
      • Track 15.wav (45.7 MiB)
      • Track 16.wav (34.6 MiB)
      • Track 17.wav (47.0 MiB)
      • Track 18.wav (17.2 MiB)
    • [CUNNY] Trinity Seven - Tenkuu Toshokan to Shinku no Maou (BD 1080p FLAC).mkv (5.8 GiB)
>jpegs for your comparison >ignoring the line darkening in uccuss xd

Campyfire (uploader)

yes wbdp looks better at some places but occuss should be good enough or i have a shit monitor
200kb comp. 2022 memes. Big oof.
UCCUSS also has a tendency to add extremely strong grain to all of their encodes; I wouldn't be surprised if the raw BDMV also looked denoised compared to their encode, because it certainly looks that way for at least one other series-- https://slow.pics/c/DUNIgNWd. Not that my opinion here actually matters, since I'm just here to make nitpicky comments about video. laissez-faire, I suppose.
cute and funny

Campyfire (uploader)

both encodes are bad anyway lol