[ReinForce+AK-Submarines] Girls und Panzer Das Finale 03 (+02v2 OP) Retime v2

2022-01-01 23:17 UTC
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Subs from [ak-Submarines] Girls und Panzer - das Finale 3 [BD 1080p][BDC9C6BF] [nyaa.si/view/1472917] Timed to fit [ReinForce] Girls und Panzer Das Finale 03 (BDRip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC) [nyaa.si/view/1470811] Franken-muxed OP subs from [AK-Submarines] GIRLS und PANZER das FINALE - 02v2 [nyaa.si/view/1226774] .ass file has embedded fonts, so it’s a bit big. As you'd probably expect, use [mpv](https://mpv.io/) for best playback/ v2 Edits Changelog: - Accidentally uploaded the wrong subs LE WHOOPS (thank you @arvon2) - Repositioned English translation sub around the translated credits so you can now read the both of them without overlap. - Changed “Black Forest” to “Kuromorimine” because while this is the literal translation, it's a proper name. Personal choice. - at 0:43:10.34 "Duck" was switched to "Mallard" as they are different teams. (nice catch @Marmotzel) Seem to be working so far, let me know if there's any issues in the comment thread. ~CyborgArmGun ![alt text](https://imgur.com/bAfnowC.png "OP Example 1") ![alt text](https://imgur.com/13UCyqX.png "OP Example 2") ![alt text](https://imgur.com/1azxnZy.png "OP Example 3") ![alt text](https://imgur.com/4u61M1S.png "OP Example 4") ![alt text](https://imgur.com/2yo6i1c.png "OP Example 5") ![alt text](https://imgur.com/pNdcph2.png "OP Example 6") ![alt text](https://imgur.com/cYsbxP4.png "OP Example 7") ![alt text](https://imgur.com/wuFWZOt.png "Black Forest to Kuromorimine") ![alt text](https://imgur.com/QU68HAp.png "43:10.34 Duck switched to Mallard")

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Welp, time to watch it again then! Also, thanks for doing this, and thanks arvon2's team as well

CyborgArmGun (uploader)

@Marmotzel Thanks to your call-outs! It's like hot potato~ Hopefully having the correct subs help orz
ok but again why

CyborgArmGun (uploader)

@Bill_G If you don't like it, don't download it. It's a choice. I don't have to validate myself to you.
ok then have fun watching >reinforce
are you planning to release a batch for all the Girls und Panzer anime? I haven't watch it yet and would love to download the whole thing in one go lol
There's already a batch for this series. You just need to download the patch and this movie.
@Bill_G Something wrong with ReinForce?
>Something wrong with ReinForce? yeah their video is completely unfiltered
Why Reinforce? It'll look worse than ak's encode.
Before I go down the rabbit hole of messing with alternate sub files like this, does anyone else have an issue with the regular ak-Subs downloads where they have some awful blocky font, instead of the "proper" font (like in those last two screenshots) the previous releases had? I tried redownloading them and they're still broken, not sure if it's just on my end though. Edit: Also, why would ReinForce look worse? Aren't they the go-to for raws?
>Changed “Black Forest” to “Kuromorimine” because while this is the literal translation, it’s a proper name. Personal choice. What about Continuation -> Keizoku?
>Also, why would ReinForce look worse? Aren’t they the go-to for raws? they never were the go-to, their releases are unfiltered and don't even try to fix common anime video problems like banding or aliasing they are the last resort if there's literally nothing else, ak's video is 100% miles better than Reinforce here
I really don't understand this debate. These are sub files for almost ANY bd version, not just Reinforce. The AK one just cropped the first 15s with the logos. I'm using them with Moozzi2's and it works just fine
>I’m using them with Moozzi2’s and it works just fine thanks for confirming your opinion is worthless
@Marmotzel They don't work "just fine" actually, the signs are still a frame off and sometimes bleed into other scenes.
@BleedingUranium: I think you are still using an outdated MPC-HC. You should try MPV instead like what the uploader @CyborgArmGun said.
@zen119 Is switching to a whole different media player really necessary here? I've been using MPC-HC for years (and it's great), and this is the first time I've ever had an issue with it. All the font placement, sizing, colour, and all that is still okay, it's just the font type itself is wrong. Surely there's something in the mkv or sub file that can be changed to fix it, especially when the previous das Finale episodes/OVA all work perfectly; this really seems more like a file-specific issue than a media player one. Follow-up edit: Per the conversation in the other post (1472917) I installed the fonts onto my system, and it fixed the issue. :)
herkz, wut, the AK version looks identical to Moozzi2, screw you guys for not liking it
I've watched with Reinforce video. I found no noticable problem here. The anime looks natural as it should be
@Marmotzel It's not identical to AK, the coloring on Moozzi2 is slightly more vivid when comparing them side by side. People like Herkz have this weird hate boner for Moozzi2 with a incessant need to let everyone know for no real reason.
> thanks for confirming your opinion is worthless thanks for confirming your single brain cell is still working
@CyborgArmGun Thanks for posting and taking the effort