[ak-Submarines] Girls und Panzer - das Finale 3 [BD 1080p][BDC9C6BF]

2022-01-01 05:50 UTC
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Happy New Years! TL: NinetyTwo TLC: tissuelord Encoding: Setsugen no ao Timing: GHS OP credits: Taiboss, Shinon ED: Shinon QC: OblivionShadow Also big thanks to Megarboh for helping to decipher some lines, to Oesch on insight into the name Jouko, and to Taiboss and EliteTwo for some semi-public QC! For best playback, please use mpv or a derivative.

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  • [ak-Submarines] Girls und Panzer - das Finale 3 [BD 1080p][BDC9C6BF].mkv (5.6 GiB)
haha, tonks go brr. Also first.
Ah, now I have subs for a bd rip! Yeah!! I already hear all the tank treads clanking, Muchas Gracias.
A while back you were looking for people to redo the entirety of the original series. Any progress or updates on that?
Quite a bit, REFERENCE_HERE, the series, OVAs, der Film, das Finale 1, and das Finale 2 are all at a semi-public QC stage. May be within a few weeks that we start releasing them.
Happy Fuckkn new year! Thanks guys, hope ya'll had a good christmas!
Happy New Year everyone! Hope you enjoy it. Until next time... Panzer... Vor!
You go Tank Girls!!
SO these are good subs ??
what a way to start the year holy shit, thanks a lot!
Thanks! Happy new year everyone!
YESSSS! BTW, I really like the "Aryan" version of Commie's translation. OK, I'm German so I can understand everything. Just hilarious.
WHOOOOO!. Also, guessing this is Moozzi2's video source
[@Marmotzel](https://nyaa.si/view/1472917#com-14) No, it was encoded by me from the BDMV. If you care, the filterchain can be found [here](https://github.com/Setsugennoao/Encoding-Scripts/blob/master/Other%20Groups/ak/Girls%20und%20Panzer%20das%20Finale/gup_finale_03.vpy)
Oh sorry, now I see at the description. It looked identical to Moozzi's and I know they have their tweaks that some people hate
I'm not taking the bait
Thanks! Lovely! Been waiting for this since March last year. 😄
Simply lovely! Thank you /ak/ and the subtitles and its style/design are high quality as usual.
Thanks, as always! Though I'm a bit confused as to why the very nice font (for dialogue as well as the OP/ED) used consistently in Ep1, Ep2, and Taiyaki War has been replaced with a very plain, blocky font; it definitely feels like a downgrade. That aside, the episode and quality of the subs otherwise was amazing, thanks so much for bringing us these, even during the holidays! :)
Which video player are you using, BleedingUranium? If not mpv, try with that. The font hasn't been changed.
@arvon2 I'm using MPC-HC, and I've never had this issue with any other download, including the previous das Finale episodes/OVA. The placement, sizing, colour, and all that is perfectly fine, it's just the font type itself that's wrong. Isn't there something I can fix in the mkv or sub file, rather than changing my whole media player for just one pair of videos?
I was able to recreate the issue with MPC-HC, although I'm not sure on why it's happening; I'll continue to look into it. What should fix the issue is installing the default font to your system. The two fonts are Latienne Becker Med and Latienne Becker Med Italic, you can find them here: https://mega.nz/folder/Q14wkYjJ#mp9sWYrPr3Zm2Sww46Bc3g
@arvon2 I installed *all* the fonts in the folder (for good measure) and it seems to have fixed everything! Thank you so very much, I really appreciate it!
Good to hear! Enjoy the movie.
@42:50 the subs say duck when it's the Mallard team.
They certainly do, motaku96, that has been fixed and will be included in an eventual v2, along with a retranslation of Nonna/Klara's Russian lines and some other minor style updates.
Based and tankpilled
@arvon2 Hey just a quick follow-up, even though it doesn't matter too much. It seems there were a few (two or three?) fonts not included in that download, but since I was extracting the audio tracks for a different thing, I just pulled the font files out of the MKVs while I was at it and installed them to my system as well, and now those fonts work too (notably the OVA's not-actually-ED song lyrics). Not sure why these particular files in MPC-HC don't like non-system fonts, but this here is a good workaround for whatever small amount of people are in my situation and also know how to extract fonts lol.
Godspeed, thank you very much
It's been 3000 years. Thank you so much
domo arigato mr robato
Thanks for uploading. This is a very minor issue, but I notice that on your past releases for Das Finale, the files are tagged [AK-submarines], while this one is tagged [ak-Submarines]. Is this a deliberate change in order to be more correct with naming conventions, or just an oversight? If it's the latter, it might be a good idea to switch back to the original way for the planned v2 release, just so file managers that sort alphabetically automatically all the releases in correct order. (I know I can change the filename in my torrent manager myself, and so can anyone else who is autistic about alphabetical over and not lazy. As I said this is an extremely minor issue, just thought I'd bring it up.)
This is a deliberate change as AK is incorrect notation. Future releases—which will include all the previous content: S1, OVAs, der Film, das Finales—will use the tag [ak-Submarines].
tank you very much
Maybe you already know this, but the reason your fonts don’t work for some people is that they have new MIME types in MKV: font/ttf and font/otf. They work in current mpv and LAV Filters, and IIRC current mkvmerge defaults to them, but to be picked up by everything including older demuxers and indeed current FFmpeg and MPC-HC, all fonts *must* be application/x-truetype-font. You can override the attachment MIME type when muxing with mkvmerge. Also, hit me up any time if you need help with Russian lines.
thank you for the input, chortos
Next movie when?