[Some-Stuffs] Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean 01 [CA7D2A8D].mkv

2021-12-29 04:33 UTC
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Translation: Official Translation Check: Giraffebirbyuimumei Editing: Josh Timing: Gyro Typesetting: The0x539, inid4c Encoding: Setsugen no ao Quality Check: Notkama, Gyro Special Thanks: dogpark, Toa of Gallifrey -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At long last, Some-Stuffs' release of the first episode of Stone Ocean! Rest assured, this one's gone through the works -- and now that we have a feel for the flow of things, we hope for smoother sailing from here on out. We think you'll enjoy what we've cooked up! Welcome... to Green Dolphin Street State Prison.

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  • [Some-Stuffs] Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean 01 [CA7D2A8D].mkv (949.1 MiB)
time to get stoned free
![speed weed](https://i.imgur.com/rhJhAL1.jpg) Speed Wagon Approves
nice, I have no doubt it'll be worth the wait!
joe joes stoned ocean
Sir am I dreaming? Fansubbing saved?
Thought you'll wait for the TV airing to start. Maybe someone can compare the TV version with Netflix version if there's any improvement (aside from censoring) since apparently the schedule for this season is tighter due to Netflix wanting the episodes faster for global dubbing and batch release
Hoping for next release will be more faster
some-stuff, WOOOOOOO!!!!!
I hardly believe this will finish in 2022 at least
I have a question is Jolyne's body censored in these 12 episodes because she is always wearing a robe or she is wearing that robe always in the manga too?


0/10. Not Utena.
Fret not. Utena (and K-On for that matter) are still some ways away, but they are being worked on. [I'm actually working on an episode of Utena at this very instant.](https://imgur.com/WA5vbzg)
Appreciate the Jojo releases finally having a non garbage font. Any chance you'd also consider raising the vertical placement to match the PM releases?
@weebly9 I personally really liked their older font. waay more than this one personally. that's probably bcuz that old font gives me nostalgia of the old one piece fansubs
Meanwhile a lot of us folks in the staff have grown to hate that font because it reminds us of the old One Piece fansubs.


I love you. I have since 2012.
Can anyone confirm if this has SFX?
It doesn't as far as I can see. Why is that? Can someone answer?
To quote the explanation on the site: "It would take way too long and is beyond the skill level of our typesetter. Our focus is on editing and we don’t feel like delaying the episode for something that isn’t necessary to the viewing experience. One thing that’s helpful to know is that in addition to the sound effect appearing on screen, the actual sound it would make plays at the same time, so you aren’t missing anything by being unable to read them. They’re there to add visual flair." I think this is also a good time to point out how our releases are entirely softsubbed, so anyone could in theory add SFX translations themselves if they felt so inclined.
More specifically addressing why we didn't include them when the TS is there for the taking, we would have to retranslate the SFX to more accurately represent them. The ゴゴゴゴゴゴゴ sound effect, for instance, we wouldn't translate as "Menacing", but as something along the lines of "Rummmble". Between the need to come up with translations for every sound effect and ask inid4c (to whom we're very grateful for being so understanding and open to help us) to retypeset the SFX with new translations, and the general sentiment of not wanting to set the expectation of SFX TS in the Part 5 BDs or the potential future Part 7 and 8 anime adaptations, we opted against translating SFX for the TV release. When it's time to work on the BDs, we'll re-assess things again and come to a decision.
How can I add them manually? I'm assuming I'd use mkvtoolnix. I can fetch inid4c's ass files from animetosho, but how do I get just the SFX?
You'll have to copy all the SFX typesetting from inid4c's sub file to ours, shift it to match our raw, and then mux in the modified sub file and the fonts used. Muxing is optional since you can just drag and drop the script to your video player and it'll work as long as you have the fonts installed.
How do I copy just the SFX? I don't wanna copy all of the subs, since your subs are better.
Episode 2 where?
Due to very inopportune illness amongst the staff, episode 2 got delayed but it is nearing completion.
Sad to hear that. Hope he will recover soon. Please kindly release rest of the episodes faster.
Please kindly understand that unfucking Netflix's crap takes time and we do this as a hobby.
Unlike some people, I appreciated all the time and effort that is being put in.
@NewGundam uNLiKe SoMe PeOpLe. Wanna be saint?! We appreciate what somestuffs does for us. But no harm in requesting. If they can they will deliver. Its completely up to them.