[One Pace][1-7] Romance Dawn [1080p]

2021-12-27 03:23 UTC
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Romance Dawn 01: “Romance Dawn - The Dawn of an Adventure” Ch. 1 / Ep. Episode of East Blue, 312 Romance Dawn 02: “They Call Him “Straw Hat” Luffy” Ch. 2 / Ep. 1 Romance Dawn 03: “The Pirate King and the Master Swordsman” Ch. 3-5 / Ep. 2, 19 Romance Dawn 04: “The First” Ch. 5-7 / Ep. 3 The Romance Dawn batch has been rebatched once again! The biggest addition is Arabic subtitles. But there have been minor changes in each episode: Changelog: RD1: - Arabic subs. - Audio in the Roger portion now matches the volume of the rest of the episode. - Minor sub changes (most notably, Karaoke for "We Are!" at the end of the episode. RD2: - Arabic subs. - Opening visuals are now fully 1080p (end of OP). - Removed some Toei screen shake glitches (causes white bars at the bottom of rapidly shaking shots) - Minor sub changes. RD3: - Arabic subs. - Opening visuals are now fully 1080p (end of OP). - Fixed "cardboard cutout" Luffy animation. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/349641068792512512/914658550079426570/2021-11-29_00-25-24.mp4 - Minor sub changes (some timing issues remedied). RD4: - Arabic subs. - Opening visuals are now fully 1080p (end of OP). - Minor sub changes.

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  • [One Pace][1-7] Romance Dawn [1080p]
    • [One Pace][1] Romance Dawn 01 [1080p][FB72C13F].mkv (362.0 MiB)
    • [One Pace][2] Romance Dawn 02 [1080p][667784D2].mkv (415.3 MiB)
    • [One Pace][3-5] Romance Dawn 03 [1080p][8F0ACC44].mkv (539.7 MiB)
    • [One Pace][5-7] Romance Dawn 04 [1080p][9A48E3EB].mkv (376.2 MiB)
oh nice, thanks!
seems to be missing some fonts on the OP?

Galaxy9000 (uploader)

@theAeon I'm seeing all fonts attached. Join our Discord (link on our site) and post screenshots in the #help channel.
@galaxy9000 yeah, wrong issue, my bad. Fonts are fine. For whatever reason my jellyfin is missing glyphs when trying to burn in the kanji-probably my end.
What language is this?
@arkhamtheknight jp dub with english and other subtitles.
Most downloaded torrent god damn
That's insane opm was most completed for 4 years and new op show got one pace to the top... thats crazy
Completed ?? look at the seed m8 and date of release
https://nyaa.si/view/1739915 One Pace Unofficial Complete Batch
Someone spammed this to be the highest completed torrent