C78 CD ROM Catalogue

2010-07-28 08:22 UTC
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Readme for the C78 CD ROM Catalogue Source: Share Renamed and reuploaded by pireze Please note a number of technical barriers to using this catalogue. Tested on Windows 7 (English): used UltraISO to mount CDI image to virtual drive: attempting to start the catalogue "from CD" results in a frozen dialogue box. Recommended system: Windows XP Japanese Edition For Windows 7 users (Professional and Ultimate), set up a Virtual PC with Windows XP Mode, but use the Japanese version. To do so, go to http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/download.aspx Select your Windows 7 version, and choose Japanese as the language. Electing to download Windows XP Mode will start saving a file called "WindowsXPMode\_ja-jp.exe" to the computer. This is around 600MB and contains the Windows XP Japanese image. You should then download and install the second and third components on the site. When your system has restarted following installation, under Windows Virtual PC, start Windows XP Mode to run the virtualised XP Japanese. My recommendation is to install the appropriate virtual disk mounting tool in the virtual OS, and copy the CDI files into the virtual OS's "native" disk space before mounting the images within the virtual XP. You should then be able to run the catalogue (as well as various other Japanese programs) without too much fuss. English Windows Vista and XP users may wish to explore other avenues, including but not limited to virtualisation alternatives. XP users could probably use AppLocale or similar, though I have not tried it.

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