[Lulu] Demon Slayer - Infinity Train [BD 1080p x264 FLAC][Dual-Audio] | Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie: Mugen Ressha-hen

2021-12-19 12:54 UTC
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![alt-text](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/65/11/ac/6511acd78c1e3a057012a4dff3fba089.jpg) **** | Sources | | | ------------- |:-------------:| -----:| | Video | [[Kaizoku](https://nyaa.si/view/1401812)] | | Audio Track 1 | [Beatrice-Raws] (Japanese 2.0 FLAC) | | Audio Track 2 | [TTGA] (Japanese 5.1 FLAC) | | Audio Track 3 | [TTGA] (English 5.1 FLAC) | | Subtitle Track 1 | Full Subtitles [[Kaizoku](https://nyaa.si/view/1401812)] (en)| | Subtitle Track 2 | Signs/Songs (en) | | Mediainfo | https://pastebin.com/FMuzmvsD | **** **Notes :** Based on Kaizoku's release with eng audio & japanese audio taken from [TTGA] & [Beatrice] respectively accompanying with signs/songs track. V2 release includes english USBD FLAC audio instead of Amazon web audio. **** If there are any issues you find with this release or points for improvement, post it in the comments. Please seed my releases for as long as possible since I don’t have a seedbox.

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  • [Lulu] Demon Slayer - Infinity Train [BD 1080p x264 FLAC][Dual-Audio].mkv (12.7 GiB)
**why 24bit Audio!!!! ¯\\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯** Thanks anyways.

sohail0098 (uploader)

@IK-User 👍
@sohail0098 Thanks! All hail 24-bit audio! Or in this case, sohail 24-bit audio. 16-bit is for sweet 16 teeny boppers with baby auditory canals! 24-bit is golden like 24 karat gold!
>24bit meme >flacebo
Flacebo only if you always have a flacid bone.

sohail0098 (uploader)

@Kulot99 ma man 👊
@sohail0098 👊 Us grown people don't eat junior burgers. Papa 24-bit FLAC needs to slap some sense into that 16-bit junior. It has tinier deciballs. Thinks it's AAC or something.

sohail0098 (uploader)

@Kulot99 lmao 😂👌
Kulot take your pills
I mean, 24 *actually is* a meme.
@darkmodejesus I'd only need pills if I had a flaccid bone and 16-bit deciballs. Take your *****XVI*****agra. @Simplistic I thought it was a series about a badass named Jack Bauer. Memes can suck on deez 24-bit decinutz.
24-bit FLAC or bust, ya'll just can't afford bigger HDD's
Not for superfluous data, no.
what the fuck, why is there no commentary track?
I can't tell if these 24-bit comments are ironic or not, but I sure hope so for your integrity
You can even hear Nezuko's voice at 24-bit
@Simplistic Not superfluous data. More like superhero data. It's like stripping flight from Superman. Almost nobody wants that pre-flight Superman that could only jump like a grasshopper. ;0_o @Gnome Who needs that kind of *****XVI*****ntegrity? @tonikaku Personally, I never listen to commentary tracks. They irritate me 0.16%. @sameer He gets it. 16-bitters must be half naked mole rat with hearing that poor. Any divine member of mankind can hear the difference with 24-bit FLAC.
It's such a meme that even Funimation doesn't use it, all the audio I've seen from them maxes out at 20-bit. Not to mention that anime tracks are mostly just speaking, and your ears can't really hear a difference. [Fun little experiment I guess](https://imgur.com/a/vuSQlpk)
@Simplistic I *simply* can't trust a guy named "Rob" or anyone that associates with him. It's like trusting a guy named "Thief" and his merry band. But seriously, the size difference isn't enough for me to care. If I'm being thrifty, I'll use Opus or another lossy format.
>But seriously, the size difference isn’t enough for me to care. If I’m being thrifty, I’ll use Opus or another lossy format. Check the images again for another *fun* "fact" about that. Also, yes the difference isn't all that large on a small series, but on something over 24 Episodes it can add up *very quick*.
Referring to the *gargantuan* difference when the CD-quality data is removed? ꉂ (´∀`)ʱªʱªʱª 24 episodes dual audio, there is merit. Save about 4GB perhaps with two 2.0 tracks? When releases are over 30GB... Saving that amount doesn't mean much to me. If I'm going to spend time on size reduction, it will be converting to lossy rather than dithering down. I'd only think about dithering down 5.1 English audio for a series (if it's not already 16-bit) when paired with Japanese FLAC. As storage technology grows, saving 2-4GB is going to mean even less. In this case, a movie? It doesn't break my threshold of caring. If I wanted to save space here, I'd just remove the 2.0 track.
>24 episodes dual audio, there is merit. Save about 4GB perhaps with two 2.0 tracks? When releases are over 30GB… Saving that amount doesn’t mean much to me. [Example 1](https://nyaa.si/view/1300919), [Example 2](https://nyaa.si/view/1278793#com-2), ~~[Example 3](https://nyaa.si/view/1198161#com-11)~~ Besides I'm more speaking out to the people who may actually care about space ₍ₘₑ₎ not really trying to change the minds of the 48 Tbyters --- For this movie/encode, the difference is basically nothing, but in the case of my releases/in general the difference matters more because the audio can end up being close or on rare occasions more than the size of the video. >Referring to the gargantuan difference when the CD-quality data is removed? Also, what do you mean? It's inverting a "downconverted" 16-bit 48kHz file from the 24-bits and seeing if there's anything the 24 track has that the 16 doesn't. Which in the few tracks I tested was *none?* I also tested a 24B/96kHz file and I did get what seems like a difference, unlike the anime tracks that came out completely blank. Though, I'm still assuming I might be retarded, so if anyone comes along and can prove there's something else to it then…
Yes, for movies it's unnecessary, unless you're an extremely thrifty character. [In that case](https://nyaa.si/view/1278793), around 41 episodes with 5.1 English audio. Definitely agree with reducing the size in that scenario. [5.1 Audio](https://nyaa.si/view/1300919) here too. [This one](https://nyaa.si/view/1198161#com-11), there would probably even be a lot of saved space with transcoding to 24-bit Level-8 FLAC. The gargantuan difference part is a joke. Lost in translation.
>This one, there would probably even be a lot of saved space with transcoding to 24-bit Level-8 FLAC. Actually, you're right, I forget DTS-HD compresses horribly and usually is fine once converted to FLAC. (378 MiB -> 259 MiB)
I also wanted to mention that *some* of the most recent Funimation BDs have been shipping with 16-bit instead of 20-bit 5.1 tracks [(or these weird hybrids)](https://i.imgur.com/I2HeeW6.png)