Atragon | 海底軍艦, Kaitei Gunkan (1963)

2021-12-18 17:46 UTC
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[Dodgy]( made a giant 314 GB torrent with 58 Tōhō Kaijū movies in ISO which had this, my favorite movie, in it. I OCR'ed the subs, deinterlaced and encoded it to HEVC (standard settings, I am not much of an encoder). Audio was copied over. For the production value of the time, it should be more than sufficient. The script was approved on 1963-09-05, merely three months before Tōhō demanded the film be theatrically released. Despite the rush, it was a huge success for Tōhō. Why do I like this movie? When I was 5 years old, I saw this movie in the kiddie screening of old, cheap B-movies at our local small cinema and fell in love with [Tetsuko Kobayashi, 小林 哲子](, the empress of Mu. I kid you not, she was my first love. I hope you are as weirded out as I am myself that my first love was someone born over 80 years ago. DVDrip. Japanese audio in Mono (original) and 5.1, English subs in .srt (default) and vobsub. For feedback, use the comments section below. # Atragon ![Atragon Poster]( Atragon (海底軍艦 Kaitei Gunkan, lit. Undersea Warship) is a 1963 tokusatsu science-fiction fantasy film produced by Toho, loosely based on the 1900 Japanese adventure novel The Undersea Warship: A Fantastic Tale of Island Adventure written by Shunro Oshikawa. The film was released to Japanese theaters on December 22, 1963 and to American theaters in December 1964. [Mediainfo](

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Thank you so much! 👍 I'll certainly watch this tomorrow. Also, I just read the amazingly well written and funny "review" (rather the entire story) on this movie at That was the funniest hour of today, I must say. 😄

kamineko (uploader)

@DodgyAussie: [I meant this one]( I looked up where it came from on TT, it has your name as submitter there. Now I see it's from [Marshall_Reed](, sorry for the confusion. You have uploaded a BluRay version now, thank you for that! Will be interesting to compare.