[-KS-] The World's Finest Assassin - 04 (Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei Suru) [1080p] [English Dub] [Crunchyroll] [6DD3822D]

2021-12-16 13:30 UTC
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1.3 GiB
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  • The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat - S01E04 (1080p CR WEB-DL -KS-).mkv (1.3 GiB)
Now that Golumpa is retiring I hope you will take the mantle from him. Dub watchers are very much deprived in this anime community since there are no dedicated group to rip those.
Are you uploading Banished from the Hero's Party?
did golumpa legit bail?
Thanks, I was able to use the audio from this and dub the censored version,
@JollyProductions Yes, I'm in their Discord server, and earlier today or yesterday they did an "At"All announcement declaring that they would stop working.
@Frankieo1920 thank you for the confirmation buddy, damn i was dreading this day
1st RH now Golumpa, really hope they are all happy af irl ![alt text](https://s.keepmeme.com/files/en_posts/20200826/b123556c971b36e960868d19f660edd6cat-and-men-salute-military-style-meme-respect.jpg)
Heroes get remembered but legends never die..
Funi didnt use the uncensored video. Shame.
Man, I heard the rumors about Golumpa retiring. Damn. If I knew I should quickly DL'd the rest of the files. I just saw Aristocrat 4 dub golumpa files yesterday! Who knew Golumpa was gonna quit.
Oh shit, I hope someone picks up the torch soon.
I always downloaded Golumpas smaller uploads since I can't see a difference in 720p vs 1080 on a small screen. I hope the trend continues.

KaiDubs (uploader)

FUNi Dubs here, for those looking. https://nyaa.si/user/NanDesuKa?f=0&c=0_0&q=%22ENG%22 They've been doing them for a few months now.
@KaiDubs completely missed them because I've been searching for "dub". Thanks !
@skatopia You're not the only one there, I have two tabs saved for this website, those being "Dub 1080p" and "Dual 1080p" that I regularly check every day for new uploads, never even crossed my mind that someone might not be uploading their dubbed torrents under a title that doesn't include either "Dub" or "Dual" xD
Oh damn, thanks for the new dub source
Sad to see Golumpa go. Tragic to see they decided to also insta-kill all their torrents as well. @KaiDubs Thank you for the search link. Their torrents would get more traction if they at least included some basic search terms in their titles like "dub" "eng" "english" "dual" even "funi" might help. Those are my 5 search attempts for my missing dubs from Golumpa and many don't seem to be available.