[ScarletNeko] Dance in the Vampire Bund | ダンスインザヴァンパイアバンド [1080p][AV1][10bit][WVHx2][ASSx2][CHAP][SP]

2021-12-09 04:42 UTC
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## Sources and Links ## [Almost Everything](https://nyaa.si/view/493306) | [Subtitles, ENG Audio](https://nyaa.si/view/992958) | [Intermission Subtitles, EP08 Subtitles ](https://nyaa.si/view/1043248) | [AniDB (Episodes Names)](https://anidb.net/anime/6773) | [MediaInfo](https://pastebin.com/qGgSMGe0) ## Quick Info ## Video: (SVT-AV1) AV1 | 10bit | CRF 35 | Grain Synth 8 | P2 Audio: (WavPack 5.4.0-x64) WavPack | 2.7bps JPN Stereo | 2.0bps ENG Surround | High x4 DNS Subtitles: Advanced SubStation Alpha | CTR (SFW-Chihiro / Yuurisan / Dragoncb234 / Etzimal) & DmonHiro Pictures: (webp 1.2.1) WebP | Lossless | Z9 ## (a lot of) Stuff ## This time encode is a bit different than usual, as this one is from BD source instead of DVD, and AV1 does shine brighter as the resolution increases. This anime though, the source has some grain on it, and this made things a bit difficult. I do like the grain, but AV1 is excellent at getting rid of it. It doesn't necessarily look bad without the grain, but it's not that great either, quite a lot of detail gets lost, more than the usual since AV1 does smooth things out quite a lot on it's own already. This is the reason why SVT-AV1 was used instead of aomenc, because the grain synthesis of SVT-AV1 is way more advanced than on the reference encoder. It was a bit of a tradeoff, the reference encoder was way more efficient, but SVT-AV1 could conserve way more thanks to the grain synth. I am actually a bit divided with this encode, as it is good but I am not sure it is good enough, I did a lot, and I mean a lot of test runs to reach this spot, but still, I'm not as confident as with my other releases. Maybe I should had started with an easier one to be my first BD source release... Also as usual, I haven't applied any kind of filtering and encoded things as I got from the source. The only thing I did was applying some grain synth to try to conserve at least a bit of the grain from the input. Now about the elephant in the room, why wavpack? Well it is quite simple: opus sucks. Not only opus but also ogg, and god forbid aac. I can let it slip on my DVD releases because AC3 isn't that good either, it's not like a lot is being lost, but from higher quality sources such as BD, that has quite a lot more info, I am simply not willing to go that low. Wavpack's lossy mode does actually compress better and keep more info, which does translate into a better sound. Although the bitrate is still really low for me to feel comfortable, it is already way better than these other options, and the size difference against the other lossy options isn't that big anyway since the bitrate is still quite low, and I have gone compression ratio over encode time. The creditless opening, ending, and the "Info" BGM have lossless audio tracks (Wavpack Lossless, High X4) Not much to say about the pictures, they came as PNGs from the source, and I just encoded them to WebP using lossless compression, level 9 which is the maximum. If you had been looking at my other releases, you might have figured out at this point I don't really do anything with the subs, that is because it isn't my "area of expertise" let's say. Plus it requires a lot of patience, which I don't really have. Sure, encoding AV1 takes time, but after the testing rounds, when I find the right settings for an encode, I can leave my PC working and continue with life, and I do like to check out my encodings and see how they had turned out. So instead of trying to haphazardly stick together something, I resort to get subs from other releases. I do leave the name of the source in the subtitle track name on my releases, so it is something that when changing subtitle tracks or looking on the file with MediaInfo for example, will be there in plain view, and the sources are listed on the top of this page description as well. For this release, the 12 episodes subtitles came from CTR's torrent, the subtitles for the intermissions came from DmonHiro, and the subtitle for episode 8 came also from CTR, but from a different torrent, because the CTR one was broken to me. Before I forget, syncing things up was quite annoying but I'm pretty sure I got it right. The video and JPN audio was fine since they came from the same source, but the rest was not, so I had to sync both the ENG audio and the subtitles individually on each episode since they all had different values to apply, and also the ENG audio and subtitles were slightly off against each other too, thing that I'm pretty sure I corrected. The syncing was done using mkvmerge's --sync argument, so completely lossless and undestructive. My releases are meant to be watched using MPV, and there is where I do all my watching and tests. If you don't use MPV for some reason, I strongly recommend it. Basically I can guarantee that it will work on MPV. It also works fine on VLC for Android. Probably works on MPC and VLC, not sure. The audio works fine on foobar, AIMP, MPV, Poweramp (Android), it shoudn't be a problem at all. I do have some plans for a next release, but things will go slow, as I need to be careful with my cheap motherboard VRM's, they almost quit while I was testing with some very grainy film source, there was even some fizzling noises happening, but everything is fine, just need to go a bit slower. Open to suggestions on what to encode next! ### Important Note ### Man I want to be the servant of a nice and flat possessive loli vampire too...

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  • [ScarletNeko] Dance in the Vampire Bund [1080p][AV1][10bit][WVHx2][ASSx2][CHAP][SP]
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    • 01 - Prom Night.mkv (289.7 MiB)
    • 02 - Howling.mkv (266.6 MiB)
    • 03 - Teen Wolf.mkv (251.1 MiB)
    • 04 - Interview with the Vampire.mkv (266.9 MiB)
    • 05 - Shadow of the Future.mkv (274.7 MiB)
    • 06 - From Dusk Till Dawn.mkv (248.7 MiB)
    • 07 - Innocent Blood.mkv (246.6 MiB)
    • 08 - Near Dark.mkv (255.7 MiB)
    • 09 - The Lost Boys.mkv (259.1 MiB)
    • 10 - Walpurgis Night.mkv (266.2 MiB)
    • 11 - Underworld.mkv (260.5 MiB)
    • 12 - Dance in the Vampire Bund.mkv (245.6 MiB)
Is this just made to be like the most cursed combination of formats ever? >now about the elephant in the room, why wavpack? Well it is quite simple: opus sucks. Not only opus but also ogg, and god forbid aac. Highly doubt. --- Also, if your video source was that reinforce torrent, then this is considered a re-encode. So you're going to have to mark it as red.
"Man I want to be the servant of a nice and flat possessive loli vampire too…" Uh, considering she starts out naked and then spends a decent chunk of the time sexually taunting the protagonist I don't know if I'd be putting a big bold header over top of that comment. lol

ScarletNeko (uploader)

@Simplistic thanks for that, I thought because it was from a raw of some sort it would be fine, but I marked it as remake now About the wavpack format, it is better, I have been using wavpack for other things for a long time already and it's lossy format is the best sounding one for me. Considering the higher quality of the audio from sources like BD compared to DVD, it just can keep some more data and also has a stronger compression. To me it is totally worth sparing a few more MiB for a better sounding audio, just like it was to retain some of the grain from the input video. And about the pictures, it's not like webp is a strange format at this day and age, my phone which is from 2017 has native support for it. Since I'm already reducing the size of everything, why not make the PNGs into WebPs, it has a lossless preset after all @Darkmatter Had you noticed anything in common on my releases up to now? I mean, not the formats or settings but the anime choices. If you hadn't noticed yet, I do like flat surfaces more than round ones, lol Already went through the phase of being ashamed of it long ago, I don't have the time and patience for that anymore, I mean, I have a lolicon degree on display on my wall XD Don't worry I'm not on discord though lul Busy enough trying to find old anime DVDs from the era where lolis weren't a taboo and making them justice by encoding to a modern format. Edit to add about the images and the comment for Darkmatter
Actually I didn't notice the theme, but I was just kidding anyways. BTW, I also prefer small over large. :)
> I thought because it was from a raw of some sort it would be fine Nah, because it's encoded from the BD source hence the "BDRip" tag (the raw bd would be *way* larger)
Is this the uncensored version?