[HatSubs] One Piece 978-982 (BD 1080p 10-bit Vorbis)

2021-12-07 23:42 UTC
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6.4 GiB
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![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/ExPwqAV.png) HatSubs presents: Further improvements on our already improved subs! We have been wanting to get some earlier Wano content out in BD quality as well, but owing to the editor being super busy and really only having time to edit on Sundays, we've made little headway on that. But now that the BDs have reached the point where we first started releasing episodes, taking those already-edited scripts and giving them some slight touch-ups for the BDs was a relatively simple matter. We did completely re-edit episode 978 since Notkama was not originally involved with that one, but that's it. In the interest of full transparency though, I should include the disclaimer that this is technically only, like... 99.8% BD footage. What are the remaining 0.2%? Well we overlaid CR footage over the bottom of the frame during the opening because I really did not want to have to typeset around the hardsubbed kanji lyrics. I figured having slightly lower video quality on the portion of the frame where the subtitles are was an acceptable compromise. The ACTUAL EPISODES are 100% BD, anyway. Translation: Official Editing: Notkama Translation Check: Giraffebirbyuimumei Additional Translation Assistance: bluesun Timing: Giraffebirbyuimumei Encoding: Puto Typesetting: Giraffebirbyuimumei with several truckloads of help and tutoring from The0x539, Puto and Toa of Gallifrey

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  • [HatSubs] One Piece 978-982 (BD 1080p 10-bit Vorbis)
    • [HatSubs] One Piece 978 (BD 1080p 10-bit Vorbis) [32428FCB].mkv (1.4 GiB)
    • [HatSubs] One Piece 979 (BD 1080p 10-bit Vorbis) [B0F7E976].mkv (1.4 GiB)
    • [HatSubs] One Piece 980 (BD 1080p 10-bit Vorbis) [22A37301].mkv (826.1 MiB)
    • [HatSubs] One Piece 981 (BD 1080p 10-bit Vorbis) [72C09456].mkv (2.1 GiB)
    • [HatSubs] One Piece 982 (BD 1080p 10-bit Vorbis) [BBF569EC].mkv (697.5 MiB)
The first Blu-ray haaaaaaaaat! ![Best girl wearing other best girl's clothes](https://safebooru.org/images/1769/a555704b98774869916f8048fbfff8292aa8939f.jpg?1851129)
Thank you for your amazing work.
Awesome, thank you so much for doing these!
if you masked the credits, the difference should be unnoticeable if you did something stupid like literally putting the bottom 1/8th or whatever of the image from CR's video then yeah i bet it looks bad


Amazing thanks :)
Holy... Thanks alot! But why vorbis? If u do lossy at least use opus. libopus > libvorbis >= libfdk_aac > libmp3lame >= eac3/ac3 > aac
ohh, really nice, thank you again :)
thank u so much plz continue
*appreciation ![](https://i.postimg.cc/kXbpqPD2/300.gif)
Thank you for these BD encodes.