GeGeGe no Kitaro (2007) [Skeweds - TSHS] episode 046 [1D81A60E].mkv

2021-12-03 06:25 UTC
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![pic]( ![pic]( ![pic]( ![pic]( ![pic]( ![pic]( ![pic]( ![pic]( ![pic]( ![pic]( ![pic]( ![pic]( ![pic]( ![pic]( ![pic]( ![pic]( Every decade Toei reboots the GeGeGe franchise, and every iteration has had its own distinct visual style. Here's another episode of our joint project with Skeweds Translations on the 2007 version. It's still kinda weird for me to wrap my head around the fact that the 2000s were kind of a long time ago, but here we are. The way we're collaborating this time is a bit different than how we've worked in the past. Skeweds will be releasing only scripts going forward (the Conan06 encodes to go with those scripts are already available on Nyaa). A couple weeks (or however long it takes, depending on what else I'm working on) after Skeweds drops a new Kitaro script, I will release my own "Nanto style" version of the episode, with revised dialogue and credit translations. It's kind of fun working on this kind of collaboration, as both groups can indulge our own stylistic preferences. For example, the Skeweds version uses the English translations of the main character names (Rat Man, Catgirl, etc.), while the TSHS edit uses the Japanese names like my subtitles of the earlier Kitaro series, among other differences. The Skeweds version of the script for this episode can be found here: Thanks to everyone from Skeweds for their work on this episode!

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  • GeGeGe no Kitaro (2007) [Skeweds - TSHS] episode 046 [1D81A60E].mkv (191.3 MiB)