[NovaWorks] Komi Can't Communicate - 03 [3CDFDA80]

2021-11-29 06:30 UTC
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### Join our [Discord Server](https://discord.gg/qAbcZgjp53) for discussion and up-to-date developments! --- Step right up, folks! You've *never* seen a typesetter credit this large! Never before have so many people suffered for the sake of one episode! ![Komi03preview](https://i.imgur.com/eb1NWAj.png) --- ### STAFF Fansubs by NovaWorks Team B RAW Source: Netflix Translation: NeSubs Translation Check: Setsugen no ao Timing: LafferStyle Editing: 9volt Typesetting: Seigyoku, Zahuczky, Maka, NeSubs, PhosCity, Noroinohanako, Medex, matheousse Styling: 9volt (OP), Flower (ED) Encoding: kageru Quality Control: bucket3432, ayanami9870 --- ### Notes #### Remarks Yeah, we know. A lot of people are probably pretty upset at our apparent disappearance. We've seen a lot of theories from those not in the loop regarding the huge delay, and received *many* messages asking what happened. For those who don't follow our Twitter or aren't in our Discord, here's a very summarized recap: Episode 3 was a tall order, so we brought in extra typesetting help to hopefully keep us on a steady pace. Then a good chunk of our typesetter suddenly went out of commission for a while. We were right back where we started, and with the amount of signs and complexity of a select few, we had some difficulty. We tried to look for even more extra help but *surprise surprise* no one wants to work on Komi TS because they know how much of a pain in the ass it can be, and we can't really blame them. As the project lead, I take full responsibility in the "ahead of Netflix" thing, because before the anime aired, I thought it was certainly doable from what had already been shown in trailers and screenshots. We obviously had no idea how crazy the typesetting would get, and we weren't going to half-ass any aspect just to win a race. We're still not going to do that going forward, and I know this will either disappoint a lot of people or reassure them that our quality will stay consistent. We won't skimp out on quality just to beat out other subs. That would be a disservice to fans. So, if you want to know how things are going with release progress, I suggest joining our Discord or following our [Twitter](https://twitter.com/NovaWorksFansub), as that's where you'll get the latest information. Lastly, we'd like to thank those who remained patient and supportive during the making of this release. It certainly wasn't easy, but the positive support makes things worth it. See you for Episode 4! --- *NovaWorks releases are designed for playback in mpv. Other media players have not been tested and may result in playback issues.*

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I can't believe they haven't released episode 24 yet what a ripoff
thanks, hyped for ep 4 in 6 months
It's been a pleasure working with my friends (new and old) at NovaWorks on typesets for this episode. I was very excited for this particular release and I almost couldn't wait for the viewing public to see the hard work that went into this. Thank you for watching!
This was a pain in the .ass :^)
Typesetting isn't an important part of the fansubbing process anyway.
if novaworks finishes this show i will place it #1 on my "top 10 fansubbing miracles" list good luck
worth the wait
Still ahead of Netflix btw what a joke
@NovaWorks, Your dedication and refusal to compromise on quality is commendable. Few fansubbers lately care even remotely as much. And as someone who has waited nearly a year for GJM to get back on 22/7, I'm more than willing to wait weeks, even months for a show to be subbed when it is treated with such care as this. Your efforts are definitely recognized. Keep it up, I'll wait as long as I have to.
I almost want to muddle through this shitshow to watch what you did with the typesetting, I am very curious. Will probably do that.
just drop it and save your life maybe Get Some Help too who went this localization shit anyway
At least Don't stall like GJM and let the fans hanging like for a year without any release. Announcing dropping is better than stalling a 12 ep show like 2/3 years Thanks for the hard work anyway
thanks quality>speed any day btw, keep it up!!
at least we can rest easy knowing you'll keep subbing this so we can stay away from other releases best version, no cap, keep this up
I'm fine with waiting. Thank you.
@Herkz: Yeah, if you don't mind the video stuttering when the T/S timing is off a bit...
> _Fast as fuck boiii_
thank you! i hope there are no problems for the next episodes! and hoping for the best!
Thankyou so much! Absolutely fantastic subs as ever - Bring on Episode 4 (in it's own time of course)!!!
Thanks doc for telling me to wait and believe
I very much respect your commitment to quality. I could of gone with another group, but I wanted the full experience, and felt like I would be missing half the experience without all the text. A quality release is going to stand up to the test of time. Thanks again!
Imagine waiting a month for garbage localization
we gon catch netflix 😎😎😎
The translations were flashing a lot in my usual video player, but they looked great in mpv.
Trashiest fansubs ever
I'm just passing through ...
I don't mean any offense by this, but you guys might be better suited towards scanlating manga rather than anime. Like the work is admirable, but translating the visual onomatopoeia is going to be absolute murder on you guys on anime like this.
Thank u guys, incredible TS ngl.
Absolute insanity. Bless all of the typesetters on this project, you guys are truly going above and beyond. If this is the level of quality to expect on the more complex episodes, by all means, take all the time you need to make it happen!
Only took you more than a month... Thanks, but no thanks. Drop the project and work on something less time consuming.
Thank you for the translation.
thank you so much
Is your TS staff even still alive after this?
So... Komi-san just got a second season confirmed for two seasons from now. NovaWorks... it was nice knowing you. [F] and RIP.
Localization shit...
@AnimeXHEVC, who's the best release for this show? Is there anyone else out there doing at least half of NovaWorks' level of TS'ing without "localizing" things? And is hopefully more caught-up?
@Sigma_103 I've been watching the AnimoTVSlash release. It's a speedsub and isn't perfect, unfortunately it's hardsubbed and there is the occasional spelling or grammatical error, but it's still perfectly readable, with all signs and other things also translated and best of all it's not localized in any way, with all honorifics, original songs and original meanings of everything intact. Unless someone puts out an unlocalized bluray release at some point in the future, the AnimoTVSlash release has been the most faithfully translated release of Komi-San and what I've been watching.
@SparkyKestrel, I can't find them anywhere on nyaa or other trackers.
@Sigma_103 google (or other search engine of your choice) animotvslash Their website and blog should come up as the first results.
Thanks for the hard work. I just watched it and your sub elevates the watching experience so much compare to netflix.
"See you for Episode 4!" But what about your elderly fans? They might not last that long.