[Kulot] Lupin III - Cagliostro no Shiro [Multi-Audio][BDRip 1920x1040 HEVC AC3x3 FLAC DTS-HD] | Lupin III - The Castle of Cagliostro | Dual

2021-11-29 02:01 UTC
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Encode: Beatrice-Raws English Audio Track 1: AC-3 [REVO] (1992 Streamline) English Audio Track 2: AC-3 [REVO] (2000 Manga Entertainment) Japanese Audio Track: FLAC [Beatrice-Raws] Japanese Audio Track: 1.0 DTS-HD [Beatrice-Raws] Japanese Audio Track: 5.1 AC-3 [Beatrice-Raws] Signs/Songs: REVO edit (Made it from the dialogue track) Dialogue Track 1: REVO edit (Simple restyle of the dialogue. Simple styling of the lyrics. Resampled.) Dialogue Track 2: English PGS *****UPDATE:***** Made a v2 with lossless tracks. Can be found [here](https://nyaa.si/view/1461697). No patch due to size difference.

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Thanks alot kulot!
Didn't realise you were also missing FLAC audio for this too. Guess I'm ripping the USBD for this next...

Kulot99 (uploader)

You're welcome @xOmnium and @seth001. @Weebly9, just found English FLAC in CTR's release for Streamline and Manga. Can't believe I missed it. Probably because when I search I normally type in "BD" instead of "BluRay". Only the family friendly dub doesn't have FLAC. Will make another version. v8 incoming. 0_o If you have Japanese FLAC for Jigen's Gravestone that's not split in two, that would be useful.
@Kulot99 Castle of Cagliostro https://mega.nz/folder/opo1hCoD#YMx0A5IfqQG8r7TYo7Evag Jigen's Gravestone https://mega.nz/file/8h5nFAjL#nHbZ1vDnzE6wTthc85vPkjZK3n8soA22M6kzkeqaZks Castle of Cagliostro includes the 1992 and 2000 dubs in 16bit FLAC. The family friendly version of the 2000 dub was only presented as 640kbps AC-3 on disc, so I've just extracted that as is. I've also included the 2014 commentary track that's on disc given how small it is, the more modern 2015 Discotek translation for the film as well as two additional pdf easter eggs that were on the disc. As for Jigen's Gravestone, you will need to check if it syncs up to the JP BD from both the beginning and mid section. Unlike most JP BDs, it's not encoded with 24 blank frames at the beginning so it could affect the timing of the second half.

Kulot99 (uploader)

Greatly appreciated. That will help making a release for Jigen's Gravestone easier. Just uploaded a version of Castle of Cagliostro using lossless tracks from CTR's release. Still appreciate you doing that. Yeah, Jigen's Gravestone is a bit of a pain to put together. The audio tracks or the video have to be either cut or merged, depending on the route taken. Then the issue you mentioned. Not many encodes available either. Anyways, many thanks @Weebly9.