Detective Conan - OP 12 [v2][480p][Textless-Texted-Custom English Title][Uncut][Fabrebatalla18-Lyswh][Creditless]

2021-11-24 19:57 UTC
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**Source:** Detective Conan R2J DVD (Texted), + Mai Kuraki Best 21 DVD (Textless) **Video:** h264 CRF 10 **Color:** 10 bits **Edition:** Fabrebatalla18 and Lyswh **Audios:** 1: From the Mai Kuraki Best 21 DVD. 2: From the CD, TV on air version. 3: From the CD, full size edited to TV Size. 4. Vocals edited from CD + Instrumental + AI, edited for TV Size. 5. Instrumental, DVD + AI. 6. Instrumental from the CD + AI, edited for TV Size. The album version is totally different from the TV version, so we edited it to TV Size too, also the instrumentals are different, so added the CD instrumental (+AI to get rid of some choruses) and used the AI on the DVD audio to get that instrumental version. **Old Note:** Openings/Endings from The Best of DC 2 have a lot of issues (rainbow and dotcrawl), but Mai Kuraki Best 21 doesn’t have any problems, but looks a bit worse than texted versions from the Detective Conan R2J DVD of the main collection, so I used a texted version as the video base, and Mai Kuraki Best 21 for erasing the text with masks, the final result doesn’t have any dotcrawl or rainbow issue like the Best of DC 2, and looks a bit better than Mai Kuraki DVD. **New Note:** Not much has changed but as said earlier, Mai Kuraki DVD isn't perfect, it even has some "ghosting" in some lines sometimes, we've fixed some this time, also fixed a mask that was wrong when Ran and Conan go out of the agency. Like with OP11, we've also done AI upscale with an ESRGAN model (and then downscaled it to the original resolution), this Opening didn't have as many problems as OP11, and the background has like a paper texture that the AI fucks up a bit, (We've masked out some backgrounds to not use the AI video, etc. as we did with OP11) As the original video is still good and that's the original without AI processing, we're uploading that too, not only the AI video. (v2 = without AI, v3 = with AI) Also uploading Custom English Title (uses the AI video). #### Some screenshots: #### Texted: ![]( "Texted") #### Textless: ![]( "Textless") #### Textless + AI: ![]( "Textless + AI") #### Custom English Title: ![]( "Custom English Title") #### Original Title: ![]( "Original Title") #### Custom English title GIF preview: ![]( " Custom English title GIF preview:") YT version of the title (Catalan):

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  • Detective Conan - OP 12 [v2][480p][Textless-Texted-Custom English Title][Uncut][Fabrebatalla18-Lyswh]
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