Detective Conan - OP 03 [1080p][Texted-Custom English Title][Uncut][Fabrebatalla18-Lyswh]

2021-11-19 17:48 UTC
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**Source:** Crunchyroll Web-DL & NTV MPEG-2 TS **Video:** h264 CRF 10 **Color:** 10 bits **Edition:** Fabrebatalla18 and Lyswh **Audio:** Multiple FLAC audio, the original as always, from the season 6 DVD + Treasured Selection BD (DVD is lossy while BD is lossless, though BD had Conan's voice, etc. so we merged both), also the CD Version cut down to TV Size, Instrumental from the CD (Edited from the full version with AI to get rid of the choruses, but there's still some), and vocals (also AI), added too La PomPon's cover from Opening 41 + Vocals (with AI) and Instrumental. Note: We got lots of episodes remastered with Netflix and then even more with Crunchyroll, we don't have high expectations to see them creditless / textless with this quality soon at least, so we decided to upload them texted, as they look good as hell, expect us to upload OP's 4 soon, (we'll also do the endings). You'll see I added NTV TS in source, and that's because we're uploading also the old remastered version of the opening, (It's pretty different, and it looks better sometimes/less dark, though the new remaster looks a bit different every episode, also it's a remastered of the textless opening with credits added digitally later, so yeah, it looks better. #### Some screenshots: #### Old remaster: ![]( "Old remaster texted") #### New remaster: ![]( "New remaster texted") #### Original title: ![]( "Original title") #### Custom English Title: ![]( "Custom English Title") #### Custom English title GIF preview: ![]( " Custom English title GIF preview:") YT version of the title (Catalan):

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