[SubsPlease] Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu. - 01 (1080p) [75117D8F].mkv

2021-10-21 21:57 UTC
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  • [SubsPlease] Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu. - 01 (1080p) [75117D8F].mkv (388.2 MiB)
is this a netflix rip? or from somewhere else
Its a Netflix rip, episode 1 was just added on it. I didn't see the anime there last night
So... Netflix gonna do this weekly?
Damn rip, this mean NovaWorks gonna drop it ;_;
NovaWorks wont drop it
NovaWorks > Sh*tflix
hows the sub here compared to novaworks?
Well, this has no typesetting, so it's very cluttered. It also does not have all signs translated. It's pretty much worse in every aspect.
Are the dubs not released yet? They were supposed to be released in 8 languages.
Any chance of getting Blue Period too?
Guess i will not watch this till blu-rays come out. same with blue period
Should I watch this?
@DmonHiro so it's basically a waste of time like I expected Thank God for fansubs
A series were the signs are the most important part and they don't even translate them all? Netflix really do be ruining anime.
Why would a soulless multi billion-dollar company change its ways and stop disregarding quality wherever it can, when people eat its absolute shit content like its candy? Your average NetShit subscriber Joe can't tell between proper typesetting and his own fucking asshole. DogFlix is gonna keep paying translators 1 dollar per episode to open up notepad and make a subtitle.srt while it buys licences for more and more shows with its endless supply of money.
Lol why are you so mad ^
Shitflix is cancer.
The netflix subs aren't completely unwatchable, but they seriously couldn't even translate the signs on a different line, like at the top of the screen or something? It's absolutely barebones, minimal effort. I don't really mind too much that the wide shots with a full board of text aren't translated for too short a time to read any of it anyway (like the absolute madlads did for Spider's backwards walls of text, putting more effort into subs than the animation they're attached to), but if there's anything on screen while someone is talking, you only get one or the other. That kinda blows.
still a better netflix adaptation than the way of house-husband
Netflix leaves a lot of signs untranslated while Nova typesets to the point where a lot of them are useless. Still, better to stick with Nova (delaycast is cancer anyways).
@louloululu cos netflix is garbage and so is everyone else who uses it they all circlejerk each other trying to make themselves feel good about "directly supporting" the creators legally regardless of the quality of the shit netflix cums out cos netfucks permanently got a vibrator up their ass called "your snowflake money"
Whichever steaming pile of useless decided "cherry flowers" was a good idea, is the perfect type of Netflix/ "official subs" stooge.
So much false information, dumb opinions disguised as facts and stupidity here. All Netflix does is pay a lot of money to stream it exclusively. Unless it's a Netflix Original or a ONA (which this is not because TV Tokyo got it first), they have nothing to do with the production. The only work Netflix did on this was the translation and streaming.