[SubsPlease] Platinum End - 03 (1080p) [8BCE8E95].mkv

2021-10-21 20:01 UTC
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  • [SubsPlease] Platinum End - 03 (1080p) [8BCE8E95].mkv (1.4 GiB)
Thank you ♥❤💚❤️💘💕
What a shitshow this was. Thankfully done with the 3 ep rule and can drop it now.
thank you @ vikrant9760 ... I am curious ... are you comparing the anime to the manga ? ... because if you are, then just about every single anime adapted from a manga or light novel series is a shitshow ... they ALL suffer from the bad habit of anime trying to jam way too much story in to way too short of time ... The Promised Neverland anime is an excellent example of this, the manga was great, the anime totally sucked because of all the stuff that was omitted in each episode ... for some reason anime producers always seem to want to jam at least 2 or 3 ch's of the manga into a single 23-24 minute episode, which means they skip a LOT of the actual story ... so far, from what I have seen of this anime, while yes it does suffer the "adapted from manga" disease, it is not as bad as some adaptations I have seen ... as an "overall summary" of the story, it is not doing too bad of a job