Detective Conan - OP 11 [v2][480p][Textless-Texted-Custom English Title][Uncut][Fabrebatalla18-Lyswh][Creditless]

2021-10-18 23:34 UTC
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**Source:** Detective Conan R2J DVD (Texted), + Best of Detective Conan 2 DVD (Textless) + Secret Source (again sorry XD)(Texted) **Video:** h264 CRF 10 **Color:** 10 bits **Edition:** Fabrebatalla18 and Lyswh **Audio:** Multiple FLAC audio, the original as always, from the DVD, and three more, two AI versions of the song, Vocals + Instrumental separated from the original with the best online AI, and the third one is another instrumental, that comes from the same secret source as the video, it has the chorus as the CD Instrumental. Note: Openings/Endings from Best of Detective Conan 2 have lots of issues (rainbow and dotcrawl), so I used episode 286 from the Secret Source as the base, also used episode 304 special for erasing some text, as the opening has less text, and then used the Best of DC 2 textless for erasing the leftover text with masks. What's the difference with the old edit? Now comes the plot twist, we've used an ESRGAN model, to upscale the video, and then downscaled it to the original resolution, we got rid of lots of problems with this, without losing much, the colour changed a bit and some scenes looked better without the AI upscale, so we edited it again, so, some parts of it use the AI upscale, and some don't (other parts are 50/50). After doing this, we tried to get it as close to the original colour as possible by using the original video's chroma (before the AI) into it, and that's the result we're uploading here. Also uploading Custom English Title for the first time here, and the texted this time uses also the different sources to get as much video as possible, getting rid of some little black bars. #### Some screenshots: #### Texted: ![]( "Texted") #### Textless: ![]( "Textless") #### Official Textless: ![]( "Official Textless") #### Custom English Title: ![]( "Custom English Title") #### Original Title: ![]( "Original Title") #### Custom English title GIF preview: ![]( " Custom English title GIF preview:") YT version of the title (Catalan):

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DDL: If someone wonders if we'll do this with more openings (also more audios) the answer is yes, stay tuned haha
Amazing work as always.