(Last Upload) hololive - 絶対に永眠できる A S M R ♡ ※No archive [HAACHAMA Ch 赤井はあと] (P02X1VMWyP0)

2021-10-16 17:34 UTC
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### this is the last time I will upload hololive content, so don't wait for me to post whatever comes up next I have been doing this for 9 months now, and I want to focus on different things, my sleep schedule is also kinda fucked since I live in the EU ;w; sharing got a lot easier in those 9 months, so I'm sure someone will take over, and since a few are asking yes this is my last upload overall I'm not going to upload hololive content anywhere else \ ![Thumbnail](https://i.ibb.co/4PPj9PL/thumbnail.png) General >Format=MPEG-4 FileSize=763 MiB Duration=2 h 1 min BitRate=878 kb/s ChannelName=HAACHAMA Ch 赤井はあと UploadDate=20211015 Video >Codec=vp09 Resolution=1080p FrameRate=30.000 FPS BitRate=594 kb/s StreamSize=516 MiB (68%) Audio 1 >Codec=Opus BitRate=146 kb/s Channels= ChannelLayout= SamplingRate= CompressionMode=Lossy StreamSize=127 MiB (17%) Audio 2 >Codec=AAC BitRate=128 kb/s Channels=2 ChannelLayout=L R SamplingRate=44.1 kHz CompressionMode=Lossy StreamSize=111 MiB (15%)

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  • [20211015] 絶対に永眠できる A S M R ♡ ※No archive
    • [20211015] 絶対に永眠できる A S M R ♡ ※No archive [HAACHAMA Ch 赤井はあと] (P02X1VMWyP0).m4a (113.4 MiB)
    • [20211015] 絶対に永眠できる A S M R ♡ ※No archive [HAACHAMA Ch 赤井はあと] (P02X1VMWyP0).mp4 (763.3 MiB)
thanks for everything x
Thank you for uploading
Thank you so much for everything you've uploaded so far! I had actually stopped recording stuff myself and just downloading your releases since mine always seem to skip at least once per stream. Just to clarify, are you uploading stuff elsewhere or stopping altogether?

Lytexx (uploader)

@Dovah146 I'm happy to hear I could help you, try looking into ytarchive on github it's a really great tool for recording youtube livestreams and yes I'm stopping altogether, I updated the description.
@Lytexx Ooh, I had kept with youtube-dl and then yt-dlc because I wrote scripts for myself to auto-start recording for certain videos, but it not giving up on segments sounds way nicer.