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2021-10-07 20:04 UTC
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  • [SubsPlease] Platinum End - 01 (1080p) [4F5BCA33].mkv (1.4 GiB)
Do not waste time with this: worst ending ever written. You have been warned.
can't be worse than FranXX in my books I'm safe
matheousse, don't say I didn't warn you.
Mirai Nikki: Platinum Edition
dmonhiro is right, its so bad i had to take a break from otaku shit. if you value your mentality, reconsider
@DmonHiro i was not going to watch but now i am interested
My plan of getting people to watch this by telling them not to is working. Why am I doing this? Because if I had to put up with this shit, YOU have to put up with this shit. I want everyone to be as miserable as I was when I read the final chapter.
It has a 7: https://myanimelist.net/anime/44961/platinum_end
@DmonHiro: I have passed for a lot shit IRL. So this anime to me would be just like DISNEY (I'm serious).
Gradius, it's OK for it to have a 7. The first half will be edgy, retarded fun. But everything that comes after that is tedious, stupid, and ultimately pointless.
@DmonHiro you mean like Death Note?
Pretty much. Same author. I wonder if it's on purpose. Death Note went to complete shit once L died, and Platinum End went to complete shit once Metropoli Man died.
If Death Note second half was full show.
Still can´t believe they bothered animating this train wreck. Glorious. Thanks.
It will be 24 eps. Hope it won't get tedius, pointless and retarded as @DmonHiro is telling us. The show has potential, but I just didn't like that armor guy at the end. That's just cheating.
So is the ending Platinum?
platinum INDEED. glad to have had the privilege of reading this manga, won’t touch this anime
i already have $20 on someone to finish this without having the urge to crucify themselves. please don’t disappoint.
People actually finished this? It became so cringe halfway through I dropped right there.
@oxyghene If you're even as remotely famous, your works will eventually get adapted these days even if it's complete crap.
"every human being is born for the sake of being happy" "every human being lives for the sake of being happier" So many LIES. It makes me puke.
If we didn't watch anime's that went to shit by the end, we wouldn't watch much. On top of the ones mentioned here already, I'll add in Guilty Crown. It's like they changed out the writer, director, and producer of the show mid way through. lol Sometimes we watch a train wreck just to see how bad of a train wreck it is. :) BTW, why do so many shows have End in them now?
straight garbage
the story (the manga) only has a horrible ending if you are not capable of thinking beyond what all those good bible-thumping monotheist priests want you to blindly believe of course just about all of those same priests would completely and totally disapprove of just about ALL anime and manga ... because those stories do NOT focus on praising "the one all powerful, all everything GOD" ... and anyone who spends money on buying manga and anime is NOT giving that money to a church to help support "GOD"S WORK" the Platinum End story IS for people who are capable of thinking beyond monotheist brainwashing
1/3 of the ep.: Ehhh, alright... 2/3: Hmmmm... okay??? 3/3: WTF is this shit? Dropped.
>Dropped You will not regret it.
It's classic thing, someone with less than garbage IQ will think Platinum End has worst ending ever. But that is not true. I would say Naruto had one of the worst endings ever created in manga, and Nanatsu no Taizai is second to that. More bullshit I had in Demon Slayer and Shokugeki no Soma, both garbage endings.
@komugi show the doctor where the catholic priest touched you as a kid grow the fuck up lmao
I already saw/read the ending... No wonder it has "end" on title. It totally sucked. @komugi you are pretty wrong and limited thinking. Isn't about religion/god concept at all... is about LIFE.
@ Rowan ... while yes my mom did drag my sister and I off to catholic church almost within hours of my dad dying (my dad, a methodist, which is how my sis and I were initially raised) ... I was never an altar boy, so I never got molested by any catholic priests @ Gradius ... I guess you are a victim of the modern education system ... too poorly educated to realize that Platinum End IS about religion and the various rules and ideas that monotheist religions want you to believe ... like suicide is a SIN ... LOL because if you kill yourself, then a monotheist church will not keep getting the money your were paying to hopefully guarantee your "SALVATION AFTER DEATH" ... as for your comment about "is about life" ... what is ... life ? ... is life about life, or is it about the undeniable FACT that from the very moment you are born ... you start to DIE ... death is the one thing you can NOT avoid ... so you can take your moronic idea and shove it up your butt (oh, that's right, you might enjoy that)
@Komugi sounds like you problem to me.
Don't read the manga. Don't watch the anime. Go look for something else to do. Don't be me.
Thank you ♥❤💚❤️💘💕