Tiger Mask II | Tiger Mask Nisei | タイガーマスク二世 dvd Remux

2021-10-07 20:01 UTC
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props to Anonymous (https://nyaa.si/view/1387091) for this lovely release. if you have english subtitles for this anime series, please upload them.

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Hi, I've been thinking many times to translate the whole show in English with softsubs format . My translation would be based on the non-completed English fansubs subs , Arabic subs , Arabic dub , maybe Italian subs and Korean subs . I can also use common sense and my slight knowledge in Japanese to correct any mistakes . it would be a great opportunity to translate that show perfectly . It's definitely worth it . I'm still missing the Italian subs though . Kaiketsu Zorro is also worth the shot, but there are some issues about it; 1- All the non-Japanese Blu-Ray and WEB-DLs sources are not good to my eyes . 2- The Japanese source I have is not that sharp when it comes to resolution or details . Too bad I lost my original VHS/ DVD sources ( Dubbed in Arabic, but it's possible to sync the Japanese audios to their videos) of my childhood , because the quality on those are very great and without any upscales or DNRs . Excuse my digression and thank you that you saved me the trouble of remuxing the DVD ISOs myself . Worth to mention that I'm going to check if there are any audio sync issues before I use them for my subs ( That if I get a chance to do so ) , because for some reason, untouched DVD sources ( and maybe Blu-rays ,too) go out of sync once you remux them into untouched MKVs and it can be difficult to notice those sync issues sometimes .

qsxwdc (uploader)

good_Man 1994 good luck on your project. the arabic dubbed version suffered so many bad changes (some plot points and story elements were removed LIKE wealthy Emir Ahman Hassan), so please stay away from that bad ver.
Don't worry , I'm fully aware of that . At least their translation of the side scenes can be good most of the times .

qsxwdc (uploader)

The-good_Man1994 that's good to know from you. wish u all the best have a nice day