Tricks Dedicated to Witches (Complete)

2021-10-06 05:10 UTC
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Synopsis: In 2021, Harry Makito, genius magician, was holding a one time only retirement show in Tokyo when he burned to death in an unexpected accident. He was 17 years old. Or so one would think. But he lived, finding himself transported 400 years earlier in Medieval Europe during the age of the Witch Trials! Now he fights against the church which unjustly brands women as witches with his tricks disguised as miracles. It's like real magic! ![alt text]( Note: Even though this manga is listed as complete, it has been reported as the first part of a potential ongoing saga. My personal thanks to Black Cat Scanlations and Aeon Scans, you guys rock!

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Thanks! Can you do this next
Not an ongoing saga - it got axed. This is just dangling a piece of meat before people, so they will still buy it, hoping for continuation.
So sad this got axed One of the best series WSM started in recent years And yet they still keep Kanojo garbage and Cuckoo trash

OmegaKaiser (uploader)

@whnc8sk6r8mq My thoughts exactly but hey, who knows? Perhaps we will get the Part Two as a doujin or as part of another manga anthology even though the mangaka has a solid relationship with Weekly Shonen Magazine. Only time will tell.