There She Is!! (480p)

2021-10-05 19:32 UTC
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Not my release, just reuploading English hardsub

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  • There She Is [480p]
    • There She Is Step 1 [480].wmv (42.3 MiB)
    • There She Is Step 2 [480].wmv (55.8 MiB)
    • There She Is Step 3 Alt beg [480].wmv (53.8 MiB)
    • There She Is Step 3 [480].wmv (40.1 MiB)
    • There She Is Step 4 [480].wmv (78.4 MiB)
    • There She Is Step 5 [480].wmv (65.9 MiB)
cool, this isn't even listed on anidb
the releases i mean, not the show itself
I wish this was available in a higher resolution, these are the same old pixellated files that have been around for years :(

Abystoma (uploader)

>I wish this was available in a higher resolution It is in fact, I've also reuploaded it: Unfortunately the high resolution doesn't have subs, I'm kinda hoping someone could OCR the subs from this one and sub the HD release.
I pulled the English subs from youtube for the whole 24 min film. I tried to upload it here on NYAA but I've never uploaded anything and it didn't work. So I put in on Subscene but they have to approve it first.
Subscene just approved them. You can get the English srt at

Abystoma (uploader)

Awesome, thanks.
Install youtube-dl and run this command: youtube-dl 3quYcNI3dOs --embed-subs --write-sub And voila, the author`s official HD version from YT with English subtitles. Comparable, if not slightly better video quality than the HD version linked above (which isn't great btw). Alternatively you can watch the Flash version, the audio is significantly worse and there are some slight differences in the video due to being a "web-sharable" version, but it looks great in 4K. You can find it on Flashpoint as the author appears to have removed it from his webpage.