Bleach.S04.CUSTOM.MULTi.1080p.WEB.x264-AMB3R (VF/VOSTFR)

2021-10-04 14:01 UTC
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# Manque Ep 85. ## ブリーチ / Bleach ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ##### Kurosaki Ichigo, un étudiant de quinze ans aux cheveux orange qui aime la bagarre (comme son père) a la particularité de voir les fantômes ainsi que de pouvoir les toucher. Cela l'amène à rencontrer Kuchiki Rukia, un Shinigami (dieu de la mort) qui combat un Hollow. Le déroulement du combat amène Kuchiki à donner ses pouvoirs à Ichigo qui deviens alors lui même un Shinigami. C'est maintenant à son tour de protéger la ville des Hollows. . ![alt text]( ##### Titre original : ブリーチ ##### Série TV · Japon Japon · 366 × 24 min ##### Origine : Manga ##### Diffusion terminée : du 05/10/2004 au 27/03/2012 · Saison : Automne 2004 ##### Genres : Action - Aventure - Comédie - Drame - Shônen - Surnaturel ##### Thèmes : Amitié - Arts martiaux - Combats - Shinigami - Super pouvoirs ##### Studio d'animation : Studio Pierrot ##### Simulcast / streaming : ADN - Netflix - Amazon Prime Video · Éditeur : Kazé (DVD / Blu-ray) · Diffusion TV : Mangas - Direct Star ![alt text]( ##### Qualité : WEB-DL (German Crunchyroll) 1080p ##### Format : MKV ##### Langue : True French, Japonais ##### Codec vidéo : AVC/H264 ##### Codec audio : FR/JAP-EAC3 2.0 ##### [MediaInfo]( ### PS1 : Hello, let me say it directly, There is a lot of problems with this release, sometimes the French audio is not sync, sometimes the Japanese audio and let's not talk about the subtitles, they are catastrophic, see for yourself, i am going to keep posting this release, you must be wondering why. well, the video quality it's just perect, i'll say 100 times better then the US shitty Blurays (and yes the episodes from 168 and on are not shitty like the Blurays), so i told to myself why not sharing it with you guys, i just have one demand, if someone please can sync the audio or at least the Japanese one, i would really appreciate it, not just me but the whole, because we may have found to ourselves the best video source for Bleach. Thank you. ### PS1 : Salut, permettez-moi de le dire directement que Il y a beaucoup de problèmes avec cette release, parfois l'audio français n'est pas synchronisé, parfois l'audio japonais et ne parlons pas des sous-titres, ils sont catastrophiques, voyez par vous-même, je vais continuez à partager cet release, vous devez vous demander pourquoi. eh bien, la qualité vidéo c'est juste parfait, je dirai 100 fois mieux que les Bluray US merdiques (les episodes 168 et + sont pas flou comme celle de Bluray US), alors je me suis dit pourquoi ne pas le partager avec vous les gars, j'ai juste une demande, s'il vous plaît si quelqu'un peut synchroniser l'audio ou à moins le japonais, je l'apprécierais vraiment, pas seulement moi mais tous le monde (contactez moi sur Discord), car nous avons peut-être trouvé la meilleure source vidéo pour Bleach. Merci. ##### Screens Ep01 : ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ##### Screens Ep168 : ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ##### PS2 : s’il vous plaît, pourriez-vous continuer à seeder pour que ce torrent puisse vivre. Merci. ##### PS2 : please, could you keep seeding in order for this torrent to live. Thank you. ![alt text](

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Can we get season 9 to 16?

SceneDeity (uploader)

hello @X-Cho-X, i am just an uploader, and the team AMB3R is at eps 100, i will upload all their releases season by season when they come out. so surely i will upload from 09 to 16. PS : thank you for S09, your upload was cleaner than other releases, why didn't you continue ??
Merci pour le partage. ( '_^ )b
Those SS of ep 168 is rip from German CR?, The USBD looks so bad 🥺. I just check out all the available sources.

SceneDeity (uploader)

@X-Cho-X, yes they are.
I just found out about these releases and will say these are significantly better than the USBD's in terms of visual quality. I would know since I have been working on filtering/encoding the BD's on/off for the past 6+ months. There are some things for me to consider though. Even though a lot of the crap with noise and chroma issues have been resolved, there are still enough issues present that it is still really difficult to effectively filter. I have for the most part already fixed as much as I can of the USBD's and they actually look presentable but not good enough yet. My goal is to filter both the USBD's and these and then I will compare the two. If it is not that much of a difference in visual quality, then I will sadly have to stick the USBD's since they don't nearly need enough work on the audio/subs. But if there is enough of a difference between them then I will probably have to take on the audio/subs myself which I don't have much experience with since that is not my job in our group (Judas). I am currently on hiatus right now from the encoding/filtering scene so I can focus more on school and personal life but when I get the chance to I will work on doing the comparisons and seeing what needs to be done. Because I'm still on hiatus, I have no idea when things will be decided/finished, but just wanted to let y'all know that the best bleach release is in the works and I will look into this for our source! Cheers, Weasel
Il y a moyen de récup' l'épisode 85 ailleurs avec la même qualité ? Merci pour les travaux !
Thank you , i'm waiting for the remaining seasons thanks again!
Hi, @SceneDeity are there any English subtitles that sync to this release?
Okay I have compared this to other sources and I can say that these are gonna be our (the community's) best bet for a source. I will most likely have to take this on as a personal project but I am glad to do so since I'm a big bleach fan! I will see what I can do with the audio and subtitles but since I haven't really done that kind of thing before, it might take a while.