How to Build a Dungeon: Book of the Demon King Vol. 07 (Digital)

2021-09-29 16:18 UTC
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[![cover.jpg](]( *** >OUT OF THE PAST >The Demon Lord Aur’s army is poised to attack the Great Sage Melissand. The Sage controls the souls of dead adventurers known as the Seven Heroic Spirits, and sends the shade of Yunis–who once lived with Aur–to raid the dungeon. She arrives on the eve of the battle, just in time for Aur’s latest bacchanal with all his minions! ***

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was starting to think this'll never get updated. thanks
Given that this series now have a Digital release, you think you could make a batch for the previous six in digital format this time?
@kaiserstar1 Oh it's a digital release now? Awesome, agreed I'd love to have the previous volumes too.
@Merithyn Please seed
+1 for a rip of the official releases for Vol 1-6. Any assistance would be much appreciated, NiceDragon.

Merithyn (uploader)

@rarenight: sorry but there is no eBook of volume 1-6 on the store I'm usually frequenting... and I'm not using amazon. :P