[MP2] Dragon Ball Z - 250 [Latin Spanish Dub Comparison] [ANICOM] [LACRA]

2021-09-23 07:20 UTC
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An audio quality comparison upload for those interested on the Latin Spanish dub. Spoiler: ANICOM's audio quality sounds far better. The LACRA release is complete and available on Nyaa, while ANICOM is an ongoing project and it'll still take some time to get all 291. ANICOM uses the 30A as their video source so if you thought about watching it with the Dbox, you'll need to sync it. ANICOM will release HQ audio releases of Dragon Ball Z and then (hopefully) Dragon Ball GT as these two are available, though Dragon Ball is a bit of a rarity. It sure is nice to hear the Latin Spanish dub in high quality than some compressed shit.

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El audio de LACRAs es de una emisión digital, audio comprimido. El de ANICOM es una grabación en LaserDisc de las primeras emisiones en analógico. Resulta evidente qué audio es mejor. The audio from LACRAs is from a digital broadcast, compressed audio. ANICOM's is a LaserDisc recording of the first analog broadcasts. It is obvious which audio is better.

Impakt (uploader)

Gracias por la explicación, Hugo.
Actually the guy doing the sync is using the old dbox encode that ikaos released on 2020, another guy is working with the 30A. There are 4 version 1080p: 30A with color correction 1080p (ligero): same as above but encoded for smaller size 480p (encode 2021): the dbox merge encode from SoM, but it is paused due to the lack of size (HDD) 480p (ligero): the old ikaos encode this one has all the audio that the guy already synced This is the website where they upload the episodes https://proyectos-anicom.anicom-projects.workers.dev/0:/Dragon%20Ball%20Z%20Latin%20Spanish%20Broadcast%20Audio/ That website is a little glitchy, sometimes it will not display the contents just refresh the website until they appear

Impakt (uploader)

Ah, thank you. I did see those 480 and so on, but I didn't know what to make of it (could've added "30A," "Dragon Box," etc).