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2021-09-12 18:33 UTC
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Pocket Monsters (Pokemon) 2019 - RUS ENG Subtitles [Episode 80] ===================================== ![alt text](https://i6.imageban.ru/out/2021/02/16/381a2073b57ab617bdbb69ae55d32319.jpg "Pocket Monsters 2019") | Quality | Source | Encoding Type | Video Version | |:---------:|:----------:|:---------------------:|:------------------:| | WEB-DL, 1080p (Ep80) | Amazon Japanese | H264-CBR | JP| | Language Audio | EAC3, 2ch, 224kbps | |:--------------:|:------------------:| |Japanese | yes | | Language Subtitles | Team Translator | |:--------------:|:------------------:|:------------------:| |Russian| `Pokefans Community` |English| `Some-Stuffs` Thank you to everyone who supports my releases All releases are made on enthusiasm but if you decide to support financially, a donation in BTC is welcome for the purchase of additional HDD to save the archive as well as for subscriptions to streaming and VPN services >18VyCt5nUPe5VcDuw7ubM199EK2aDTg2ct Link to gdrive in the [telegram channel](https://t.me/pokemonarchive/691 "Pokemon Archive") All subsequent torrent releases will be found under the common name [PokeArchive], now I am doing DVD backup and Blu-ray locally, soon they will also be added to Google Drive I don't do any other releases except for Pokemon, the priority is made on the video, respectively, it is useless to ask me to make a low-quality encode In my releases, as a rule, there are Russian, English or Japanese languages... While there is a working tool for downloading CBR, further series will be added after translation into English and Russian, one series each in separate torrents, in the future they will also be combined into a common torrent

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  • [PokeArchive] Pocket Monsters (2019) - Ep080 [AMZN.1080P.v2021.09.RUS.ENG.Subtitles].mkv (997.2 MiB)
Is this in Japanese dub with eng subs
@cutegirl45 yes it is