Berserk 364

2021-09-09 03:33 UTC
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Looks like some pages are missing, make sure to check out the scanlations when it comes out!
Nah no pages missing... But holy f***, so the theory WAS right! Man oh man, if this is the last chapter, then it's one hell of a cliffhanger.
@kefizh those are just leaks.. release date is 10th september
It looked weird to me, you can appreciate that the artwork, even if it was based on Miura's script and maybe sketches, it was done by someone else. Still, a good way to end it. I hope they don't intend to continue, it would bastardize the story that Miura has masterly crafted over the years.
Is that "END" on to bottom is actually the end of of this series? or is it refer to the chapter itself? Shitt what a cliffhanger... Still from another perspective, its a good way to end the series. As much as most fans don't want to continue in the name of "originality" I wont mind if the assistants continue it as in Miura's script. Im still refused to believe they dropped this series until I see the official statement.
With this chapter makes BERSERK more harder to really END even if Miura-san still around.
@unap Damm bro, u're right
@remunaw12 This is incomplete. In raw at the end of this chapter's note said that the fate of Berserk is still undecided, there is still hope. I do wish too they would still continue this series.