My Neighbor Totoro Based Edition

2021-09-06 00:23 UTC
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You know him! You love him! The OG Pimp of Studio fuckin' Ghibli, To-to-ro! The Mack Daddy that sleeps with fiddy different bitches each got damn night! Now he's prowling into your home to make you next. Its got the standard original japanese, the english disney redub, some french bullshit idk go eat a snail, german which i guess left their ovens off this time, Kim Jong-un's tongue, and both versions of chinese. But lets be honest us millenial nostalgia whores are here for one thing and one thing only, the dub we saw back in the 90's on a glorious crt that gave all of us hearing loss. Thats right, back when fox home entertainment released the streamine dub into stores and changed all of our lives we all fell in love with this god among men. Now its captured straight from a laserdisc and sync'd to the japanese remux for us all to enjoy. So lets party like its 1994, call your mommy and tell her you shat the bed *AGAIN*, then hit the play button because you're about to feel like a kid again. Autism and all.

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  • My Neighbor Totoro (1988).Zerocool based edition.mkv (24.1 GiB)
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_So lets party like it's 1994_ I read you big guy. *
@nessi_77 Based on yo mama
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I've never NOT laughed so hard!
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