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2021-09-05 21:53 UTC
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I guess Hayao Miyazaki wanted to fuck a pig this one time? Oh well better a pig fucker than an uncle fucker. Big thanks to the based as fuck krycek7o2 for the jpbd remux I used for this. Disc came with japanese, english, surrender, nazi, Finnish, worst korean, and [current year] communist languages. I sync'd/muxed in the JAL english dub back from when airplanes were worth flying on. Have fun with you hand, and remember pigs are food not fleshlights.

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  • Porco Rosso (1992).Zerocool Based Edition.mkv (28.6 GiB)
Thank you mr. PeePeePooPoo69
nazi isn't a country, much less a language.
^ Neither is "Surrender," unless he meant Australia/NZ.
* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsMcdEswK8k _That outta the way.. Lets fuck us Miss Piggy._
Miyazaki wants to fuck little girls, not pigs or old men.
Porco Rosso more like Porco Zozzo
Surrender? Didn't know, that UE is a language. Or is it Biden-speak? Or Kangarooish?
It's called "leaving Afghanistan to the enemy after spending 2.3 trillion dollars"
I suspect the reference is to the French who , largely from historical references , just seemed to open the door wide when Uncle Adolf came knocking in the early stages of the 1939 to 1945 war . True that subsequently the Resistance valiantly fought back without government support playing a major role in restoring French independence but that does not change the earlier actions of the previous political forces . Unless you are an old fart like myself or someone who studies the period history I would suspect the vast majority of people at the current time to be totally unaware of such a possible reference .
The JAL dub of Porco Rosso was originally in stereo but the LaserDisc is only in mono. The stereo mix is present on the early Japanese and Taiwanese DVDs and I think niizk's version has that dub.

PeePeePooPoo69 (uploader)

the only dvd rips of it i could find had dual mono instead of true stereo