The Slut Caslte in the Sky Based Edition

2021-09-04 23:22 UTC
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From the long forgotten age of 1986, before most of today's hollywood rape victims were even born, a blessed movie came out with a name that made all us mexican americans laugh our asses off. This is a remux of the japanese bluray with the streamline dub sync'd to it, everything but that one flac audio track came pre packaged by the nice little rice fuckers that made the disc. Yes I am aware even the japanese audio isn't sycn'd great(around 35 minutes and 53 seconds there are multiple frames of mouth animation before audio starts on the japanese track). So really none of the syncs here are going to be perfect even the ones I didnt do. You are right that is unbased of ghibli to do. Have fun, slut lovers.

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  • The SLUT Castle in the Sky.Zerocool Based Edition.mkv (33.6 GiB)
what the fuck lmao
another great banger by PeePeePooPoo69
It took me a little while to figure this out. Then I laughed.
* _And as such a new legend was born that day_


0/10. Not Warriors of the Wind. Go butcher NausicaƤ.
Had to do some research since I wasn't familiar with Streamline (I'm old enough that I should be, but wasn't active in the Fandom at the time). While I'm on the subs side of subs vs dubs, this is a worthwhile thing to produce. Thank you for putting in the effort.