[GST] Josee, the Tiger and the Fish (Josee to Tora to Sakana-tachi) [Netflix 1080p]

2021-08-28 12:14 UTC
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General Filename.......: [GST] Josee, the Tiger and the Fish (Josee to Tora to Sakana-tachi) [Netflix 1080p].mkv FileSize.......: 4.41 GiB Duration.......: 1 h 38 min Video Codec..........: AVC x264 - core 148 r2724 dbe0335 Main@L4 Resolution.....: 1920x1080 Aspect ratio...: 16:9 Bit rate.......: 5 800 kb/s Frame rate.....: 24.000 fps Audio Language.......: Japanese Channels.......: 6 CH Format.........: Dolby Digital Plus Bit rate.......: 640 kb/s Subtitle.......: English Subtitle.......: Indonesian Subtitle.......: Malay Subtitle.......: Vietnamese Subtitle.......: Chinese (Simplified) Source.......: Netflix ![alt text](https://img60.pixhost.to/images/139/233071601_1.png) Last release for sometime Thanks KRP for picking up Shaman King !

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  • [GST] Josee, the Tiger and the Fish (Josee to Tora to Sakana-tachi) [Netflix 1080p].mkv (4.4 GiB)
Subs still shit :')

gst (uploader)

@HappyGamer76YT Anytime! @TNCurz That’s Netflix subs though
Nah, like these are just an englishified version of the Chinese provider's subs Same mistakes, same issues just better wording
so this was officialy released on Netflix recently? Why no BD though :(
It's better video quality but BDs already out in JP so it's gonna be little longer, I'm gonna wait + Netflix meant to release the 2003 version but they released the 2021 version instead. Thanks for ripping this though!

gst (uploader)

@TNCurz i see what you mean @Squeezi Today in few Countries

gst (uploader)

@HappyGamer76YT No problem they released both!
BDs coming soon, very soon almost there :)
which region is this?
Indonesia, i think. I saw Twitter was tagging the Indonesian Netflix
@HappyGamer76YT ah you're right https://www.netflix.com/id-en/title/81508630
Guys, you need only some people who speak japanese and you could forget the"original" subs. I am not engishman, but sometimes want to vomit...when i read official subs.I know only a hundred words in japanese and when i saw 80 failed of te 100.... do you know what i mean.
Well, the "official subs" for this show are pretty much just shit. They don't tl some parts of the dialogues and shift around the rest, it's almost like someone was made to guess them :') Didn't understand half of what you meant, but just knowing Japanese won't be enough for this show since everything has a dialect, though you could still do a much better job than these official ones.
thanks! its at least better than the Chinese webrip
even if u r only on public trackers you can even get the remux from rutracker
Can you? Mind Providing a Link?