Imouto no Tomodachi no Bijin Yankee JK [LN ~ Complete v01]

2021-08-24 13:59 UTC
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![Imgur]( Title: Imouto no Tomodachi no Bijin Yankee JK: Sekenshirazu Sugite Sewa wo Yaiteitara Horeraremashita / Taking Care of My Younger Sister’s Too Naive of a Beautiful Yankee High Schooler, Then Falling in Love Author: Maripara Illustrator: Ichino Yuyu Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Slice of Life Translation: [NeoSekai Translations]( --- > The room of a university student with zero love experience, Tsukasa, has become the hangout spot for his younger sister, who made her debut as a yankee when she entered high school, and her friends. One day, he found a bulge on his bed and flipped over the cover to find Erika, the most beautiful girl among his younger sister’s friends, asleep. “Ah, sorry… My period just makes me so sleepy” “You’re too frank, I don’t know how to respond to that…” Unable to leave such a naive and free-spirited girl alone, Tsukasa started to drill her in manners and common sense. Falling in love with Tsukasa, without hiding her feelings of “love”, Erika makes a ferocious approach on him! On the other hand, Tsukasa was also charmed by her upfrontness as she tried her best to learn what was taught to her. The love life of a yankee high schooler and a caring university student begins! --- A completed oneshot that was suggested in my DMs. I deleted all TL/Editor notes except those that actually clarified something :^)

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Wow Thanks so much
>I deleted all TL/Editor notes except those that actually clarified something :^) Why? Just put them at the end like some official translations do.

HowUnfortunate (uploader)

I'm talking about notes like "TLN: Woah!!!" lol
Gotcha. Long ass title. For those looking for the kanji of it. 妹の友達の美人ヤンキーJK 世間知らず過ぎて世話を焼いていたら惚れられました [edit} There's issues with this: When viewing the images when extracted as single images. Sumatra shows them fine not sure on other programs tho. It only affects vol 2. Vol 1 is fine.