Grimoire of Zero v01-04 [Light Novels Translations]

2021-08-24 03:11 UTC
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#### Grimoire of Zero v01-04 [MangaUpdates]( **|** [LNDB]( **|** [NovelUpdates]( **Translated by** [Light Novels Translations]( **Description**: >It is the year 526 of the Liturgical calendar. > >I, a half-man, half-beast mercenary, was running away from a witch. Now why was the witch even after me, you ask? Well apparently Beastfallen heads are extremely valuable for performing Sorcery. As I raced through the woods, I stumbled upon another witch who saved me. She called herself Zero. > >Zero was searching for a stolen book called the Grimoire of Zero. Written by none other than herself, the book contained knowledge of Magic, a mysterious new art that surpasses Sorcery. If anyone with the aptitude read its contents, they could easily bring about supernatural phenomena. It was a dangerous magical tome that could drive the world to ruin. > >The witch offered to restore me to my human form. In exchange, I would be her bodyguard, accompanying her on her journey to retrieve the stolen grimoire. **Notes**: + Volumes 1 and 2 have a different file size compared to the [old torrent]( because they use color illustrations from [NanoDesu]( + Volume 4 is an epub3.0, this is actually my first time making one. If you encounter any issues viewing it please leave a comment and indicate what epub reader you use. + And finally, for anyone who wants to make EPUBs of LNT's works, I made a [simple userscript]( that might help. DDL:

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  • Grimoire of Zero
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    • Grimoire of Zero v04 [Light Novels Translations].epub (5.0 MiB)
Oh! Thanks! No issues on SumatraPDF viewing these including vol 4's epub 3.0.