Fureru to Kikoeru - complete (corrected to tank)

2021-08-23 14:28 UTC
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I found tank raws, gathered up the scanlated chapters, then cross-checked them with the raws ... and assembled them in to complete volumes I corrected various problems, like duplicate pages in different ch's, pages in the wrong ch's, and missing pages in some ch's NOTE: There is one missing page I was not able to find a translated version of, it is page 109 in vol 1 ... I went ahead and included the untranslated page from the tank vol for completeness ... I was also not able to find translated copies of the two end-of-volume 4-koma pages in vol 1, I also included the untranslated versions of those pages for completeness .............. and hopefully someone in here might be friends with a scanlation group and maybe they might be willing to translate those 3 pages ... if they do, then they could maybe post them as a file in here. DDL https://mega.nz/folder/5wpViQyL#phu55c5Dc8cru67mzWsdUw ... in the DDL folder I put both the full complete 4 vol file, and each vol as a separate file

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