[HappySubs] Josee, the Tiger and the Fish. .ass only [Contains Fansub and Official Subs]

2021-08-22 12:59 UTC
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Ok, so The Chinese-DL is at 24fps. The Blu-ray is going to be at 23.976fps. My subs are timed at 24fps, only now did I realize that this would probably create problems, so I've now exported the framerate on Aegisub, to 23.976, so it should be the right framerate for the BD. I probably won't be on my computer when it's released but later that day, I'll be uploading my version with the video, and with both subtitles. This contains Official Subs, and my subs. Keep them for the Blu-ray since it's going to be Raw Only. Edit: My upload will be when a source for the BD comes out, if you have a remux or an encoded version please send them to me on Discord so I can put my subs on them and upload them. Or if one gets uploaded to Nyaa soon, i'll do my version, but if it comes out overnight for me, it'll probably be next day. My discord is rynninglol#6527 please dm me if you have something ;0 Patch because TNCurz managed to find more mistakes and showed them to me (Thanks, honestly my screen is tiny and I would have never been able to see them) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EQVhkQFrazevtjYV6o6CP8XmlDDn-MO7/view?usp=sharing

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But how's yours and official subs though?

HappyGamer76YT (uploader)

My one has songs lyrics in english pretty much, while the official one doesn't, I also messed around with the signs, but I'm still pretty much a beginner, I made these before I got the official subs. Then I thought I'd release them both. Official ones are good as well. Songs aren't translated though, and signs are at the bottom of the screen. I also shortened some of the longer sentences so they fit better on the screen
Looking forward to your bd upload
Were your fansubs re-tled too?

HappyGamer76YT (uploader)

@TNCurz no, I basically used the hardsubs as base, but i added songs, changed name order when correct, shortened down longer sentences, I kept honorifcs, changed some words.
I see, will have to take a look then, I remember not liking the subs though I only watched a few minutes. Nonetheless, thank you for your efforts :)