[Team Mirolo] DBZ TV Special 1 & 2 - Broadcast audio Fuji TV video-synced to Dragon Box

2021-08-21 21:52 UTC
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![alt text](https://i.ibb.co/SnwBdVx/Team-Mirolo.png) ![alt text](https://i.ibb.co/2ZmQgBv/DBZ-TV-Specials.jpg) ____________________________________ #### **Changelog** - Better source for TV Special 1 (Video8 higher quality recording than the previous Betamax/VHS track) - Better source for TV Special 2 (FujiTV instead of Ishikawa) - All issues of both tracks have been cleaned - Noise and buzzing removed with iZotope RX 8 Advanced ____________________________________ #### **Note** - If you want to restore the audio-sync of the tracks, apply the audio-sync restoration patch with [SoX](https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1sKiXza3pKzeApTeg6Ls-lqiNhkYIyUMJ&export=download) : [Download](https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1LYOSH0rZMrGV-fq_oB3BFm5H3wJkB8Ys&export=download) - A video-sync patch is also available so that you can switch between both version whenever you want : [Download](https://drive.google.com/uc?id=11gSbaffNhLvkrktiWxvOrjn4W5oYgZyV&export=download) - Delays of video sync can be found [here](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bECaLAwJ3rlcZJOYDvDMEs0_Zoef85RJx1E0Fkr4Moc/edit?usp=sharing) ____________________________________ #### **Special thanks** **_Kei and the anonymous for sharing the tracks_** **_Deli for syncing TV Special 2 to Dragon Box_**

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kei shared tvsp2 fuji audio?

Team-Mirolo (uploader)

@dbfan120 : Yes it's this one.
how is it even possible that kei shared audios now? i've read he was upset with db leak

Team-Mirolo (uploader)

@dbfan120 Sorry I can't help you, I just read that it was from Kei I don't know what is possible or not.
Deaer sirs. There is person with globally demanded fuji audio complete for Z, he post few months ago sample but then delete. A BIG FUCK to thé racist nazi Concisely, it is good if he share thoses audios cause if he dont he not serious matter sirs.
As always, thank you for the all the great work!
" Deaer sirs. There is person with globally demanded fuji audio complete for Z, he post few months ago sample but then delete. A BIG FUCK to thé racist nazi Concisely, it is good if he share thoses audios cause if he dont he not serious matter sirs. " @El_Juan or i should say Akai, it was a troll torrent for sure
Thank you for this! Luckily I searched DBZ, otherwise I would never have found this since I most of the time search “Dragon Ball” I have 4 questions about these audio files that I would appreciate very much if you could answer for me. 1. In the info for this torrent you say that only TV Special 1 is from Video 8 tape and only TV special 2 is from Fuji TV, but in the file names you label them both as Video 8 and Fuji TV. I just want to make sure that isn’t a mistake in the file names and both files are actually from Fuji TV & Video 8. 2. Is the TV Special 2 audio file you used originally from the recent torrent that was removed from Nyaa with the file name DBZTVSP2F.flac and 968MB at the link https://nyaa.si/view/1425765 that said in the info it was from kei? 3. From hearing the commercials in the FLAC file from that TVSP2 torrent that was removed, it seems to be from a broadcast in the 90s. But do you know if it is from the original FujiTV broadcast on February 24, 1993? 4. Was the original untouched TV Special 1 audio file also recently uploaded to nyaa and then removed? If it was, then could someone please reupload it? Or does anyone have a link to that file if it wasn’t removed?

Team-Mirolo (uploader)

mrbean : 1- Both are Video8 Fuji, but I specified video 8 for TV SP1 because both old and new track are Fuji so the change is just that. As for TV SP2 the main change isn't the cassette type but the fact that it's a Fuji instead of an Ishikawa. But I understand why it can be confusing. 2- Yeah I think so, I don't remember the description though. 3- Unfortunately no, the file as a random name and I can't tell if some date for any event is dropped on one of the Japanese commercial. 4- I don't remember seeing it uploaded here. Maybe someone who have the raw will upload it one day idk.
Thank you for answering all of my questions. I appreciate that very much! 1- That’s good to know. I just didn’t remember seeing anything about Video8 in that TVSP 2 torrent that was removed from nyaa. So I guess you must have got the Video8 info from another source for that file or from just talking to people who know where it came from. I just found a cached version of the webpage for that torrent on Google, and the title said: Dragon Ball Z TVSP2 Fuji TV Untouch 24bit flac SOM The info said: Aqui está o áudio da tvsp2 da dragon ball z em flac 24bits sem filtrar nem retocar, fonte kei17 mas dado por um membro da SOM 2- Also there is confirmation that your TV special 2 audio source was from that torrent since a comment in that torrent from iKaos said: In case people aren’t aware, Mirolo already cleaned and synced this audio to DBOX (https://nyaa.iss.one/view/1423848), which will also work with our SoM German BD release (https://nyaa.iss.one/view/1374491). 3- Well those are definitely 90’s commercials where some of them sound like slightly different versions of the commercials from the older Fuji TV version of TVSP 1. I don’t know if the master audio tapes were thrown away after the very first broadcast of all the episodes and specials, but if they were, then the TVSP 2 audio would be from the first broadcast. 4- Thanks for letting me know it wasn’t on nyaa. I have had health issues that stopped me from being able to check nyaa as often as I normally do.