[TAE] Mon Colle Knight: Densetsu no Fire Dragon

2021-08-21 16:29 UTC
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The long-anticipated new kid on the block, The Alchemist Encodes, has finally unstalled the first release. And we're starting off with a real classic too! Mon Colle Knight: Densetsu no Fire Dragon is an alternate start to the full series. And it has some _really_ banger songs that are worth a listen or two. I decided to pick this as the release project for the sake of nostalgia, while also making new content available for all to enjoy. Little did I know the source is as fucked as GTO and that kind of killed the nostalgic love I have for the show for a while. But hey, the release is still in time to be the first ~~and hopefully last~~ release of the show! Project staff: **ENC**: Riven Skaye **TL**: lateinautumn (dialogue), Roak (songs) **TS**: eva, Shuuka **TLC**: Roak **TM**: LafferStyle (dialogue), wwwwwwww (songs) **KFX**: wwwwwwww (songs) **ED**: wwwwwwww, Riven Skaye, bthen13 **QC**: bthen13 Special thanks to Occultic;Loli for helping out with an editing pass over the song TL ** ** We only support playback in [mpv](https://mpv.io), if you're having issues playing this release and you're on a recent version of mpv, please let us know so we can look into it. ** ** If you wish to submit corrections or wanna have a chat, swing by the [Discord server](https://discord.gg/weU8m754u9). If you wish to use our work for your own release you're free to do so, but please make sure to provide proper credit.

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