[JimmyThicc] Ultraman Mebius - Episode 1 [BD-1080p]

2021-08-17 17:50 UTC
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# Thumbnails [![Ultraman-Mebius-01-mkv-thumbs-2021-08-17-12-42-39.jpg](https://i.postimg.cc/R0pwvQtf/Ultraman-Mebius-01-mkv-thumbs-2021-08-17-12-42-39.jpg)](https://postimg.cc/HJ5r2MBs) # File info VIdeo Source: (BD Raws from DBD-RAWs) https://nyaa.si/view/1415189 Sub Source: (NOP Subtitles) https://nyaa.si/view/640185 (Re-timed and stylized some parts, no grammar or changes to the actual script) I will do the whole 50 episodes, this is a preview, if you guys would like anything changed, please let me know, I can get these done in a week or so but I will not be able to do this, starting next week, so the whole season will take me a bit, or would you guys like me to upload them as I finish them? (The subs may be a few milisecs off but it's because I did this timing super fast lol)

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  • Ultraman Mebius - 01.mkv (599.9 MiB)
YO! thank you so much, gonna check it out right now.
just so everyone knows to set their expectations on the source, this is not gonna be like the jump from the Showa Ultra DVDs to BDs, this is possibly an upscale but it's much, much better than the blurry Crunchyroll rip that's everywhere
styling and timing look great imo. look forward to more! i wouldn't mind them either as done or in smaller batches for quicker release. (this is my absolute favorite Ultraman show with my favorite Ultra kaiju, Bogal.)
is this mill creek's bluray or just japanese's release?
@abu_sayyaf74 Mebius is so far, only released as a DVD-BOX in Japan. No BD Box collection has been officially announced.
thanks for this! its still ok even on 1 episode release weekly as long it will not take your schedule.
thanks a lot. no need to rush, take your time.
Wow a whole one episode with no fixes planned. I can't wait. What's even the fucking point?!
Plans for Cosmos after Tsuburaya ends the transmition of the series in YouTube?

JimmyThicc (uploader)

@hzkaiju Id need to see how their YT ep quality matches with what I have, but I will check it, as I stated in my Twitter, where I live currently I can not torrent or do several things, so uploading will have to wait
@JimmyThicc if you can handle the retiming/styling and send me the subtitles somehow i can handle the muxing/uploading.

JimmyThicc (uploader)

@akaneskiryu Contact me via twitter so we can sort something out, I don't check nyaa very often these days
umm you guys done uploading the whole series yet? it's over 9 months already.