[Kulot] Cencoroll Connect [BDRip 1920x1080 HEVC FLACx2] | Cencoroll 1+2

2021-08-17 05:42 UTC
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3.1 GiB
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Encode: VCB-Studio Audio Track 1: 5.1 FLAC Audio Track 2: 2.0 FLAC Subtitles: PAS (Simple dialogue restyle)

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dont know what this series is but lets go HEVC also why do fansubbers do more sol?

Kulot99 (uploader)

Slice of life? Don't know. There are different types of it. Not generally a fan of CGDCT or school romance ones. But I do enjoy stuff like Aggressive Retsuko, Saiki, etc.
yeah SOL sucks but SAIKI is comedy masterpiece
Look at the junkies who only watches shounen say, should have taken it seriously lmao

Kulot99 (uploader)

@johnbradshaw. It's okay if you absolutely love CGDCT or school romance series. I'm not judging you. No need to behave insecurely. lol
@johnbradshaw average sol coomer
not like I give a shit, Just stating facts.

Kulot99 (uploader)

@johnbradshaw doth protest about giving a shit. Somebody totally gave a shit enough to share their perspective and comment. ꉂ (´∀`)ʱªʱªʱª All is good, my friend. Cheers! I'll leave you with a song. "Look around you, look beyond, You could make an unbreakable bond, The world around you is not what it seems, it's all revealed beyond your wildest dreams! So many things I never could see, So many choices falling on me, Could it be my destiny to be Shounen Junkie? Shounen Junkie To be Shounen Junkie Shounen Junkie If your spirit is strong, You could be the one I could look at the world in a different light, I know what it takes to make it right! And I won't give up the fight, to be Shounen Junkie! Shounen Junkie!"