[Anime Time] Rebuild of Evangelion (Movies) [1.11+2.22+3.33+3.0-1.11] [Dual Audio][1080p][HEVC 10bit x265][AAC][Multi Sub] (Evangelion Movies) [Batch]

2021-08-16 04:49 UTC
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| Anime Time | | |----------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Anime | Evangelion Movies | | Audio | English - Japanese | | Video | HEVC 10bit x265 | | Subtitles | Arabic, English, Danish, German, Spanish (Latin American), Spanish (European), Finnish, Filipino, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional) | | Screen Size | 1080p | | Source | AMZ | | Encoder | sff | | Discord | [Link](https://discord.gg/zUsjhrRzXt) | | Seedbox Help. It will help us continue our work. | [Donate](https://ko-fi.com/animetime) | #### [If you like the release please try to seed] **Enjoy!** ### **You Can Get [DDL](https://animetime.cc/) Link in Our Website** if you want all audio Version Let me Know!! ![](https://i.slow.pics/f6OyPvKd.png) ![](https://i.slow.pics/Y00yqMTq.png)

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At least this ending is better... just miss Asuka. There will be a 4.44 after all ?!
Nope there will not be a 4.44 for a long time.... because the creator doesn't want to continue the story after he finished it but its a chance to make a movie about the 14 year missing gap of the story
Thank you for the upload, but did the producers just replaced the old English dub of the first 3 films with a new one? The old dub was definitely 100x better. Heck, I can't even call the new dub as 'good'.
Does this has original Japanese translated subtitles for 3.0+1.0?
thanks a lot for this collection..
Thank you ! However there maybe a small problem with the aspect ratio See 01:34:09.108 of 3.33, the logo of hp, vs you could google the real thing. The good thing is this could be fixed by a re-mux.