Lupin III - De Verborgen Stad (The Castle of Cagliostro) (Dutch/Nederlandse dub) [VHS to BD sync] [FLAC]

2021-08-12 21:15 UTC
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Dutch dub by Meta Sound as heard on the 1985 CNR Video VHS/V2000/Betamax release, captured from a 1988 printing of the VHS and synced for use with the Discotek Media US BD and the Buena Vista Ghibli JP BD. The dub is presented in FLAC 1.0ch with the original pitch of the music restored (also includes time-stretched and 25fps tracks in a separate folder). This is the highest quality rip of the dub so far because the 1988 VHS tape appears to have a HiFi audio track. My previous rip on the Internet Archive was from a V2000 tape, which only supports a lower quality linear audio track. I also did not use noise reduction. **Notes** - The VHS tape was captured with time base correctors and such in the chain, but the tape's condition seems to have prevented a problem-free capture as you can read below. - The VHS capture has timing inconsistencies that extend the runtime by about 2 seconds. I've adjusted the VHS audio speed to a time base corrected capture of a V2000 tape. - The same time base corrected V2000 capture was also a useful reference point for syncing the VHS audio to Blu-ray. Any sync issues are likely inherent to the dub. - There are pops and clicks on the left and right channel. I've reduced these by patching in cleaner audio from the left or right channel, or in some cases with the RX8 de-clicker. Tried to leave in issues that were also present on the V2000 linear track. - The worst problem in the capture is a brief moment with serious volume/quality dips and clicking at the end of the film when Rosalie/Fujiko shows up on her bike and leaves. The problems have been mitigated, but there's always room for improvement.

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heb ik al gereleased :)

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en dat bewijst? dat ik gewoo nvan een andere source ga als jij en dat mijn audio genormaliseerd is want zoals jij het doet... alles lekker opzetten... wreselijk
Het is ook best schattig dat je de film in loops hebt opgedeeld audio gewijs en dan "proberen" deze gelijk te stellen in lengte met de japanse versie...