Aku no Musume [LN ~ Complete v01-04] (The Daughter of Evil)

2021-08-11 13:19 UTC
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![Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/VWA0VsK.jpg) Title: Aku no Musume / The Daughter of Evil Author: Akuno-P Illustrator: main illustrations by Ichika, other inserts by various artists (you can check the [wikia](https://theevilliouschronicles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Daughter_of_Evil_Series#Books)) Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Action Translation: Various people on various tumblrs ([1](https://closure-of-yellow.tumblr.com/), [2](https://wiegenlied-of-green.tumblr.com/), [3](https://doe-praeludiumofred.tumblr.com/), [4](https://doe-praefacioofblue.tumblr.com/)) --- > A vast kingdom called Lucifenia, whose popular name was the "Kingdom of Yellow," was ruled by a tyrannical fourteen year-old princess named Riliane. Under her absolute monarchism, everything was exploited from people and the ones who did not obey her were executed without mercy. Allen, a servant who looked a lot like her, was always beside the princess whom Lucifenia's people called the "Daughter of Evil." The princess and the servant were the same age, since the two of them were actually twins who were separated shortly after their birth, with Riliane taking her mother's position as the country's ruler and Allen works in the palace as a servant since he was given up for adoption. The princess's selfishness and jealousy caused a war and many deaths, and their secret clockwork of fate was going to spin madly. --- Complete translation of the "Daughter of Evil" light novels, part of the multimedia project "The Evillious Chronicles" by vocaloid artist Akuno-P. - For volumes 3, 4 and part of volume 1, the insert illustrations were not present in the translation, so I got them from the wikia and added them myself. I could not find raws online so I can't be 100% sure about their placement (just made educated guesses from context); - All the illustrations are hand scanned with a literal scanner and are huge in resolution and size, hence the filesize. 2-page spreads are also a bit scuffed sometimes because of how they were scanned, can't really do much to fix that.

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  • Daughter of Evil [LN]
    • Daughter of Evil - 1 - ClĂ´ture of Yellow.epub (52.7 MiB)
    • Daughter of Evil - 2 - Wiegenlied of Green.epub (63.8 MiB)
    • Daughter of Evil - 3 - Praeludium of Red.epub (99.2 MiB)
    • Daughter of Evil - 4 - Praefacio of Blue.epub (123.5 MiB)
Thanks. Also my step sister is my ex vol 7 is over.