[Some-Stuffs] Pocket Monsters Movie 23 - Koko (1080p HEVC 10-bit FLAC 5.1)

2021-08-11 10:02 UTC
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After being delayed due to the pandemic and withheld from us non-Japanese folk for another half a year because Japan-exclusive theatrical movie, the 23rd Pokémon movie is finally here! Had it not been for the pandemic messing everything up, this movie would have presumably come out the week after PM19 episode 32, so if you want to experience this in a manner closer to what the anime staff presumably intended initially, consider giving that episode a rewatch before watching this. This is by no means necessary as the plots in no way intersect, but I do think that watching that episode with the mindset that it was meant to be movie promotion might help put it in a new light. This release also includes the creditless versions of the opening and ending, as well as the theme song collection. Since it turned out that a LOT of people had trouble playing back the 12-bit encode, and also that something went wrong with the settings for that one causing the detail level to actually be LOWER than the 720p... Here's a new encode. Everything else about the release is still the same, but this one should be more widely compatible as well as look better. Dialogue Translation: Lord Starfish Song Translation: bluesun Timing: Toa of Gallifrey, Lord Starfish Typesetting: Puto, Lord Starfish Editing: Puto Translation Check: bluesun Encoding: Puto Quality Check: Toa of Gallifrey, Josh, JulesMFinWinnfield, Trıp

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  • [Some-Stuffs] Pocket Monsters Movie 23 - Koko (1080p HEVC 10-bit FLAC 5.1)
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      • Pocket Monsters The Movie - Koko Theme Song Collection
        • Lyrics
          • 'I'm Home' and 'Welcome Home'.txt (2.1 KiB)
          • Koko.txt (2.7 KiB)
          • Show Window.txt (3.1 KiB)
          • Strange, Strange Creature.txt (2.2 KiB)
          • The Song of Law.txt (832 Bytes)
        • 01 The Song of Law.mp3 (6.8 MiB)
        • 02 Koko.mp3 (15.6 MiB)
        • 03 Show Window.mp3 (12.8 MiB)
        • 04 Hum of the Forest.mp3 (10.9 MiB)
        • 05 Strange, Strange Creature.mp3 (15.4 MiB)
        • 06 'I'm Home' and 'Welcome Home'.mp3 (15.0 MiB)
        • 07 Pose.mp3 (13.3 MiB)
        • 08 Brat Boy, Brat Girl.mp3 (13.7 MiB)
        • 09 Your Adventure.mp3 (14.1 MiB)
        • 10 Notebook of the Heart.mp3 (16.2 MiB)
      • [Some-Stuffs] Pocket Monsters Movie 23 - Textless Ending (1080p HEVC 10-bit FLAC 5.1) [35745AFD].mkv (286.0 MiB)
      • [Some-Stuffs] Pocket Monsters Movie 23 - Textless Opening (1080p HEVC 10-bit FLAC 5.1) [E8006D80].mkv (111.3 MiB)
    • [Some-Stuffs] Pocket Monsters Movie 23 - Koko (1080p HEVC 10-bit FLAC 5.1) [23F0263D].mkv (5.4 GiB)
why did you choice to release 12-bit in the first place ? 10bit isn't enough I'm curious because I don't there many 12bit displays out there except first world country ofc
even 10bit displays are still rare beyond professional color work, but that isn't the point. 10bit compression is supposed to be more efficient in terms of encoding, saving bandwidth and giving better results. so the point isn't if the source is 10 or 12bit to begin with but more about reducing filesize while yielding better results - this is the way i understand it, flame me for being wrong bellow. people still debate if 10bit is even worth it to begin with anyway. its all pretty subjective. also, again, could we get dual FLAC 2.0 and 5.1?
>people still debate if 10bit is even worth it to begin with anyway. its all pretty subjective. people also "debate" if the earth is flat.
I don't compression is even that important where we have fast internet and more space not like the 2000s but I think 10bit is useful for Colour banding problem if the uploader know what he doing but i don't get why anyone would use 12bit or 1080p Hi444PP/YUV444p
Can you do Tokyo 7th movie ?? Nobody subbed it https://nyaa.si/view/1396297
amazing work! thank you very much
"people still debate if 10bit is even worth it" It makes a really big difference in scenes on the outer edges of the colorspace, like really dark scenes for example, or really subtle gradients. If you have a bright display and you watch a really dark scene in 8bit you can see the macroblocks with the naked eye even on high bitrate. Conversely, in most regularly lit scenes you won't be able to tell the difference that easily